Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Class of 2010 - Lacy {Eatonville Senior Photography}

I got up that morning to VERY rainy skies!!  After talking to Lacy, we decided to meet in downtown Tacoma to do her head shots...and then we would see if the weather would be on our side or not.   I knew we could stay under awnings for the head shots and I didn't really think we would get to anything else.  Boy...was I wrong!!

The clouds started to part little by little and by the time we were done the yearbook pictures, the weather was looking a little more promising!  Lacy had brought all her outfits just in case (oh...what an optimist!) so we went for it!!

I totally loved photographing Lacy!!  She has such a natural beauty and was up for anything...including laying on wet sidewalks and going into alcoves filled with trash.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this one below.  (I think she looks like a super model!!)

Lacy wore this outfit complete with hat and leg warmers!!  After this photo shoot, I understand better the idea that accessories make the outfit!!

Our last stop was down by the water.  And we shot FAST here...it started raining again just as we parked.  But Lacy makes it look quite effortless, doesn't she???

I end with this little collage.  I like her dancing, laughing and pondering - all on the front of this warehouse!!

Lacy, I think you are amazingly beautiful!!  It was a privilege to photograph you...you are a natural!!!

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