Sunday, November 29, 2009

Doing a Double Take: The Vyas Family {Kenmore Family Photography}

I really LOVE doing family pictures!!  Each family is so unique and comes with their own set of stories!  From their cultural backgrounds, to where they grew up; from where they live now, to how they met - each family is already a beautiful work of art!!  And I love to watch families PLAY together - to make eye contact, give kisses and share giggles.  It is always a privilege to be invited into that!!

So I got to go capture a piece of the Vyas family story the other day, and with it came a double dose of JOY!!  Their 3 month old twin girls are so beautiful!!  It was funny though, because for the first half of our Session, they took turns falling asleep!  (And I say...unless there are extraordinary circumstances, NEVER wake a sleeping baby!!)

LOVE this next picture!!

The thing about Sessions with babies is that sometimes everyone needs a little break.  This gives me the opportunity to capture some everyday occurances.  (I mean, who else but a crazy photographer wants to photograph a crying baby...unless you see it as a picture of dad loving and consoling his daughter.  This is the first of many, many, many of those moments I am sure!)

And then there is one can evoke smiles like mom!!!

These two little ones were SOOOOO cute!!  I could have just kissed and squeezed them all day...

So remember when I said that all families are already their own amazing stories in the making??  I think these guys have a cool little tale.  (I hope I get this right!!)  These two little ones have twin cousins (girls also) that were born in England.  They were all born on the same day, and given all the time change stuff, they were probably born just hours apart!!  How cool is that??  And how much do I wish I could photograph all four of them????

Just chillin' on the couch.  Perhaps waiting to have a tea party...uh, I mean watch football...with dad?

Another needed break...

The girls each have a most beautiful blanket with their name on it.  We had to use them as a backdrop.

When I was taking the series that this next picture is from, I knew it would be my favorites.  I was NOT disappointed.  Could they get any cuter??  I think this could be a Valentine's card!!

Vyas Family, thank you for inviting me into your home!!  Thank you for allowing me to capture a piece of your story and your beautiful little girls!!

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