Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Little Red Thread Story & A Family I Love

I was recently at a retreat hosted by a friend of mine where she did a little "red thread" activity. She took a ball of red yarn, introduced herself and began to tell us a story about her life. As soon as anyone had a point in common with that story, they were to stand up, tell the connection and then introduce themselves and start the process all over again. As they told their connection with the last story, that person would throw the ball of red yarn to them, but still keeping hold of a part of it herself.

What began to happen, as each person around the room found some sort of connection with another's story was a beautiful web of connection - a Red Thread web - literally began to form before our eyes. It was cool to see how each of our stories intersected with one another!

This got me thinking about the Red Thread Photo story. Over the past couple of years I've had lots of people ask about the name and where it came from. Of course, there is an explanation in the side bar, but I thought I'd share a few of the original Red Thread girls with you...

Look at these sweet girls!! These are my amazing nieces (sort husband is their dad's cousin. Got that? But their mom and I are good friends!) In fact I just like to think of myself as their Fairy Godmother!!

Well...Q (the one in the middle above) is an original Red Thread girl along with my daughter. The two of them formed a tight bond from the first time they met each other. They played and laughed all weekend long and as we left their house, my daughter cried and cried the six hours home. When I tucked her into bed that night she said, "I feel like there was a string that attached us together and now it is broken!"

I got to tell my little one the story of the Red Thread and assured her that the connection could not be broken. You see, Q was adopted from China and came into our family because of that invisible red thread that already connected us...even if we didn't know it yet!

(The Q-ster in her jammies)

Then came the second girl of the bunch. A curly haired, spit-fire personality who has never learned the fine art of whispering! When I got to travel with the family to China a couple of years back, this little one made quite a splash with the locals. Everywhere we would go people would surround us, take out their cameras and snap was actually kind of weird! (And Miss M did not like it one bit! She learned early on to say "NO, NO...xie, xie" (thank you)).

Then there is the youngest...Miss J. Not to be out done by her sisters, she can definitely hold her own. She may look little, but don't let her fool you...there is a lot of power and punch in her!! I got to photograph when her family met her for the first time (in China). It was a trip that expanded my heart and made me fall in love with these Fairy God-Children of mine!!

I was recently at their house and got to spend the night with this amazing family. I woke up to these beautiful faces and just had to capture them as they were.

So now we'll fast forward a few hours - after a strong cup of coffee and good conversation with their mom - to the looking-all-dressed-up-and-presentable photo opps.

YEAH!!! I love you, H Family!! I am always blessed when I get to be with you! I love the good coffee, the consistent friendship, playing Pretty Pretty Princess, sleepovers in Q's room and Skype-ing my family while at your house!!

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