Friday, December 11, 2009

Another Red Thread Story {West Seattle Baby Photography}

Alright, so every photo session is technically a "Red Thread Story".  That Red Thread connects me to people I've never met before, and we walk away realizing our connection (and being friends!)  But the Red Thread story is one held very dear on the adoption front.  To desperately want a child and believe that there is already a Red Thread connecting child to parent (even if we can't yet see it), gives many a beautiful metaphor for how they feel about the adoption process.

I had the privilege of photographing this piece of sweetness - Elliana - and her Mom the other day, and they have a great Red Thread Story!!

Elliana's birth mom came into the hospital to have her but let the nurses know that she had no intention of keeping the baby and was going to walk out, leaving the baby there.  (Now...before I go on, don't judge too harshly.  I applaud a young woman who has the courage to give her baby a chance at life knowing that she is not the right one to take care of her.  It takes a lot of courage to make that decision!)

Elliana's mom had become certified to foster with the state just weeks before.  She wasn't sure what to expect, but was shocked when she got the call that a little three day old girl was in the hospital awaiting her "forever" Mom.  And so the invisible Red Thread came to be seen...

To watch them together, you can tell they were made for one another.  In fact, Mom even said it was like God knew that Elliana was to be hers and she was to be Elliana's.  I could not agree more!!

So Ellilana has a couple of "brothers" that we had to capture with her.  I'm not sure what they think of her quite those little hands like to grab soft fur and love on snugly puppies!!  But I'm sure as they grow they will tumble and roll and play all around the house.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE playing peek-a-boo with little ones!!  And even though you can't see it well, all that art work on the wall behind her is done by Mom!!  She framed these beautiful, colorful pieces because she wanted to honor the work she had done.  Yeah!! I wish more women would see it that way!

We just went ahead and got lots of playing pictures...

Of course, I maintain that the best playing is done in Mom's arms! it won't be the holiday card picture, but I love how my camera caught one of the most major things of babyhood....drool!!!!

We were winding down...getting a little tired, so we thought we'd try a few outside.  Do you know what that is behind them??? is the sun!!  (For all you in the Seattle area, I know you are amazed at this sight in December!!)  It was a beautiful sunny - but very chilly day.  We had to bundle up well to stay warm.

A full family picture...

...coming to an end...

and "end scene".  (Even the dogs were exhausted!)

What a privilege to photograph this Red Thread story!!  I am hoping to be there for the official adoption at the courthouse in a few weeks!!  Not only did I get to hear their Red Thread connection, but I feel like I made some new Red Thread friends as well!!  Thank you, H Family!!! 

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for catching the beautiful connection on film between my niece and my great niece. It warmed my heart so many miles away in snow bound Pennsylvania to see their love.