Friday, December 18, 2009

Congratulations and Deepest Sympathy All in One {Federal Way Wedding Photography}

A few weeks back a friend of mine called me with a story about her family. Her nephew was getting married, which of course is exciting, but his Dad was dying so they were trying to pull the wedding together pretty quickly. She asked me if I was available and how much I would charge. I let her know that there are certain moments when photographers should just show up no matter what they are paid and give a gift to a family. This was one of those times for me.

My dad died 13 years ago and I am so thankful for pictures that I have of him and with him. I knew that I was supposed to go and give a couple of hours of my day to this sweet family! What follows are a few moments from John and Renae's wedding...

Renae was a fun bride with lots of spunk and a quick smile!!

I love to capture all the little details! I know that the Bride chooses all these "little things" so carefully and then on the day of wedding barely gets to see them or enjoy them. I LOVED this necklace that Renae had picked elegant!!

Ahhh...the Beautiful Bride!!

We knew we REALLY wanted to get the family pictures done (as many as possible) before the wedding, so John and Renae opted for a "First Look". This is Renae on her way to the chapel where John was waiting for her.

My favorite picture of their First Look. Shhh!!! Don't interrupt these two!!

Love these groomsmen!! We had a tiny little hallway to work with for group pictures and everyone was such a good sport about it!! Here they are doing....well, actually I'm not really sure what they are doing!!

So I know that I hear from so many photographers that they really don't like doing the formal pictures, but here is why they matter.....John's dad passed away a couple of days after the wedding. I think the truth of it is that none of us know the number of our days and it is comforting to have pictures of the memories to live on. My deepest sympathies to your family, John.

John's Dad with all his kids

And now, "here comes the Bride"...

I love this look she is giving her dad as he walks her down the aisle!

Beautiful ceremony...

John's dad watching over them.

Just a few more!! The fun bridesmaids....

Renae's family...

Stealing another kiss before heading off to the reception...

John and Renae, it was a privilege to be part of your wedding day!! I am excited for your future together and my prayers are with your family, John, as you grieve the loss of your dad.

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