Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Family Stories: The Petersons {Burien Family Photography}

WARNING!!  The following post is long because I had so much fun with the Peterson Family that I had to include a little of our whole time together!!

Bright sunny weather (although cold!), a beautiful family and an amazing backdrop makes for some excellent family pictures!!  I arrived at the Peterson's house to be greeted by a little guy watching his dad on the roof of the garage putting up Christmas lights!  I knew instantly that I liked this family...they were laid back and easy going (and very good at putting up lights!!).  Since we were working with 3 boys (two little ones and a big one) I knew we'd have to keep it fun, adventurous and as short as possible!

We decided to start with the fun and playing part of the session...

They have this wonderful swing hanging from a tree in their front (or is that the back??) yard.  The boys - Cody and Ryan showed me just how high they could fly on it.

Mom got in on the action too!!  She was trying to catch a kiss from the boys as they flew by!

Ryan got the first picture in this here is Cody's shot.  Don't you love his red curly hair??  I think he is so handsome....and he is very kind too!

The reason I didn't know if the swing was in the front yard or the back yard is because of this next "backdrop".  The family lives right on the water and originally the front entrance faced Puget Sound.  Of course, with an incredible view like that, we had to capture the family in their front/back yard!!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the laughter!!!

Down by the water they also have a cute little guest house that was originally the boat house.  Mom has filled it with sepia-tinted pictures of old family photos...many of them on the beach.  I thought this might be appropriate to add to the collection.

The title of the next series of pictures would be "Boys, Boys, Boys"

We actually got so cold down by the water that Dad started a fire.  The combination of sunshine and smoke and rascally boys made for this "caught ya" picture.

Loving on Mom!

All I have to say is that I love any Mom who will pull out the marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers in the morning before anyone has had lunch!! At this point the "official" pictures were done and now I just got to hang out and capture the family living life.  (Really...the boys living life!)

I got a tour of the house and a big jumping show on Mom and Dad's bed!!  Who needs a trampoline???

Thank you Petersons!!  I had a blast with you!!  I love the energy of your boys!!!

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