Monday, December 7, 2009

Little Ones: Margot {Tacoma Baby Photography}

This little one came to see me the other day...oh yeah, and she brought her mom along as well!  I got to spend a couple of hours with these sweet ladies who are beautiful both inside and out and trying to get along while Dad is deployed in Iraq.  He left when this cute little bundle - Margot - was just three weeks old, so I'm hoping he has internet access at some point and will enjoy these pictures of his girls!!

(And for Dad's benefit, I wanted to be sure we put in the many faces of this sweet little girl!)

I love this little hat on her...I told her she looked like a little Amelia Earhart!!  And that smile is out of this world!!

(I had to put this one in because it was that look of  "are you really going to take more pictures??")

Playing with mom.  Check out the bubbles and then.....

(I think mom was such a good sport to keep laying there while I captured this picture!!)

Some Christmas sweetness to you all...

The next couple are just some "daily life" shots.  Getting a diaper changed on the bed...nothing exciting unless you can't be there to see it all the time.  These are for you, Dad!

(a few more bubbles)

Little Miss Margot was letting us know it was time to be done, but we just had to get one with the blanket her Mom made for her.  After this point, there were only a few more pictures of snuggling and being held.  Oh yeah...and one more for Dad....

(I think we all get the message!!)

What an amazing little girl Margot is!!  It was a gift to have her and her Mom to grace my camera!!  Let's do it again...especially when the three of you are all back together!!

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