Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Love Shoot: Chad and Jill {Seattle-Tacoma Wedding Photography}'s official.  I am going to have to get some dog treats and keep them in my backpack.  I already have treats for kids (yes, I believe in bribery to get a good picture!) but since the last two shoots I've done have had dogs, I think I'll need to buy some delicious dog morsels!  Anybody have any suggestions??

Maybe Chad and Jill do...I know they are dog lovers.  I will have the privilege of shooting their wedding on New Year's Eve (is that a great way to bring in the New Year or what?).  And after this engagement session, I think we should figure out how to get the dogs to be part of the festivities of the big day!

We met at Marymoor Park because of its amazing dog park but thought we might a catch a few of the soon-to-be bride and groom first.

I love it when you can tell two people are REALLY in love.  It's in the way they look at each other, the way they hold hands and get close, and in the way they smile when they talk about the other person.  I saw all those things while I was with these two.

Do you want to know how they met??  Yeah..I did too and I like the story.  Chad's sister is a good friend of Jill's (and has been for quite awhile).  So Jill would hang out at Chad's house (with his sister) even before there was anything between them.  I am sure Chad knew right away he would fall in love with that could you not??

So then we went to go get the dogs - Gus and Penny.  I can see who runs the show around here.  But I can't blame them, because those two dogs (and Gus in particular) stole my heart!  I just love his cheeks!!

I love this next picture...we were at a dog park, right?  I now know that dogs have no sense of photographers or when a photo opp is happening.  This guy is just happy to have retrieved his ball and a few seconds after I took this picture, I ended up with a big, wet slobbery kiss on the whole side of my face from another playful puppy.  Or maybe he is a huge fan of Red Thread Photo???

I think that on the last post I wrote PUPPY LOVE.  So now here is MORE PUPPY LOVE!!

I'm thinking this might be a Christmas Card.  (I think Gus might be saying "Bah Humbug!!)'s out of order but I've tried to move it and it is not working. (Sometimes I am not very technically proficient!!) However I liked the vast expanse of this picture, so thought I'd put it in.

Chad and Jill (and Gus and Penny) it was so fun to hang out with you for a small bit.  I can't wait for your New Year's Party...I mean, your wedding!!  You guys look amazing!!

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