Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Marry Me: Vanessa and Tony {Graham Wedding Photography}

If there is a word I could use to describe the connection I saw between Tony and Vanessa, it would be CHERISH. Their wedding was simple and not super long, but I know that their marriage will be full of abundance and length of days!! I watched the two of them just glow in adoration for one another...and had the privilege of seeing the groom cherish his bride in simple, practical acts of love. (He was already demonstrating loving his wife "as Christ loves the church"!)

The ceremony and reception took place at Frontier park in Graham...all the events taking place in one big room (with a nice warm fireplace.) We had a sunny but chilly (can you say 24 degrees??) morning that made the dress look stunning!

Vanessa got dressed in a tiny little restroom. (Don't tell anyone, but I had to stand on the toilet to get these pictures!! It kept us all laughing and hoping I didn't fall in!)

I loved her shoes and the flowers. Simple, but so elegant.

Instead of isles and rows of chairs, they set up round tables that would serve for both the wedding ceremony and reception. (Such a clever idea!!) As a gift to each of their guests, Vanessa and Tony had Jones Soda make a special label just for them! (Another clever idea!! I have a bottle of root beer from the wedding sitting on my desk right now.)

I love it when you can tell that the Bride and her Bridesmaids are really good friends. They laugh with each other, get silly, and add to the excitement of the day. This was true of Vanessa and her "girls". They were fun to photograph and even were up for heading outside in the chilly, chilly air!!

And then there is this STUNNING bride!! I have so many bridal portraits that I wish I could put into the blog, but I had to choose just a few. Vanessa, you are just beautiful!!!

I don't even have to say much about the Groom or Groomsmen...this picture says it all!!

Tony and Vanessa decided to do a "First Look" - having a time to see each other before the ceremony. I am so glad when I get invited into these times!! I try to stay far back, capture the moments, and try not to cry behind my camera.

Vanessa's ring fits perfectly into Tony's...I like the symbolism of that. These two really are a great fit together!


A beautiful ceremony...

So...when I first met Vanessa and Tony we talked about the very good chance that it would be raining on their wedding day. Vanessa didn't skip a beat and just said that they would get some umbrellas and go playing in puddles!! As it turned out, the day was sunny and bright but we decided that the umbrellas still needed to make an appearance. I LOVE this wedding party!!! (It truly was a "party"!)

Warming up by the fireplace...ready to go on a honeymoon!!

Tony and Vanessa, it was a privilege to be invited to your Wedding Day!! Thank you!! I hope for true love and deep joy all the days of your lives!!
(I will post a few more pictures - along with these - on the Red Thread Facebook page. Go there to see some more!)


Angela said...

Not only are the pictures incredible but your commentary made me feel like I was there again, very touching! Thank you so much for these lasting memories of a beautiful day.
Tony's mom

Erin McFarland said...

these are gorgeous Tara! loved how you captured their day!!

Nicole said...

Aww, I love them :) They are the cutest couple ever! I'm so glad you did their photos! I didn't hear about it till today!