Friday, December 4, 2009

Sometimes They Just Don't Want to Sleep {Graham Baby Photography}

As a rule, newborns LOVE to sleep.  Once they are in the studio, I have mom nurse them, they get "milk drunk" and drift on into sleepy-land.  But I guess rules are meant to be broken...or at least that was this little guy's motto.  He decided to stay up and watch all that was going on!!  (Although maybe he just wanted to show off his handsome, dark eyes...)

*LOVE* baby skin next to tattoos!!  I think it almost looks like Bennett is plugged in to the amp.  Although...once he starts to use his cries to communicate, it might really feel like that to Mom and Dad!

Mama kisses always seem to calm little ones down.

I always love to hear a little of each family's story and am honored when they want to share it with me.  I think these guys have a cool circumstance...Mom and Dad have know each other since kindergarten!!  Of course, they didn't start dating why back then, but I think it's neat that here they are now holding their little guy.  Maybe they should go back to their elementary school and show Bennett off!!

So, Dad is an electrician...we thought the next picture was totally appropriate!

They brought a family of shoes with them to the session too!  All of them own these great pairs (although Bennett's haven't seen much wear yet).  I am reminded of the quote, "For a long time there were only your footprints and laughter in our dreams and even from such small things, we knew we could not wait to love you forever."

Then we had to laugh at the fact that the littlest pair of shoes cost almost as much as the big ones.   And so come the realities that all parents have to face...your kids get all your love and take all your money!!

And here is the shoe family again...

This next series shows Dad, his boy and did I mention Dad plays guitar?

(This is probably my favorite picture from our session...below)

I don't want to leave Mom out.  She is a nutritionist who took very good care of this little one's nutritional needs during the session!  I guess I could have put him in a fruit basket to show the "nutritional" thing, but I like these next two of Bennett and Mom instead.  While she was laying there, Mom expressed, "I could just stay here and look at him for hours!"  (Ahhh...welcome to motherhood!!)

Just as he got bundled up and ready to go...he fell asleep!!  I had to get a picture of him partly because he is so cute and partly because he is a total Pacific Northwest the hat and the mittens (or socks!!) on the hands.  Whatever needs to be done to stay warm in this chilly weather!!

Thank you Hobton Family!!  Your little guy is wonderfully amazing!!  He is handsome and sweet, and you two are awesome parents!!

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Chris Maddox said...

I love the guitar case shot! Nice work :)