Friday, December 31, 2010

More Christmas Fun! {My Family}

We returned home to a MUCH chillier climate...brrrr...I am just trying to keep warm!  I am missing days where flip flops and sunglasses are a necessity!  Anyway...I thought I'd share a little more of our Christmas adventures with you.  Ten days goes by quickly and here is a little how we filled it...

Tea parties and rock climbing...(LOVE AZ on the Rocks!!)

We had the privilege of taking some food down to a refugee family from Burma.  Though they speak very (VERY) little English and we speak no Burmese, the language of smiles and generosity seemed to be fully welcome and understood!
(Then I just had to put in the temperature on Christmas Eve.  It actually got to 72 degrees...I was a happy woman!!)

Nana and her grandkids!!

Christmas Eve fun...opening presents and playing with cousins!!

We also had the privilege of attending this little guy's first birthday!  Some dear friends of ours adopted this little cutie a little over a year ago and we were glad to come celebrate his first year of life!!

This year, with my husband's family, we decided to not exchange gifts, but rather give the gift of experiences and hanging out together.  I HIGHLY recommend it!!  The kids had so much fun...and well, so did the adults!!  (We did the sky diving first, rock climbing, and lastly....JumpStreet!!)

You can see how everyone in the family has their own little flair and style.  (What is funny is that I didn't realize my husband and his brother wore the exact same clothing until I was editing these pictures this morning!!)

My boys!!

All four grandkids...each a little dramatic in their own right!!  However, I want you to take special notice of the bottom left picture.  My niece worked all evening to get that front flip...way to go girl!!

Hope your holidays were merry and bright!!  Happy New Year to all!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!! {Breathe}

Merry Christmas and many blessings,
Tara {Red Thread Images/Red Thread Photo}

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sunshine and Fun in Arizona!! {My Family}

We are blessed to be able to be with family this Christmas holiday season!  We have ventured out to Arizona to have fun with our family and friends!  And of course, within minutes of arriving, my son and his cousin hit the pool.  (Now...let me just say that they only lasted about 2 jumps.  The pool was just a little cooler than they had thought.)

 A little basketball...

Then yesterday we went on a REALLY big adventure...

My husband's family - his parents, and his brother's family - and us headed out to an indoor skydiving place!!  After a few instructions and some practice, we got into our gear.  (The bottom picture is my family...I love the picture, but I'm just not sure that it will be our next Christmas card!!  I'm not sure goggles are my fashion statement!!)

We all had fun flying, floating and being funny...

My sweet daughter...

(So these are not the highest quality pictures because this is what my lens is trying to shoot through!!  Nice thick, scratched up plexiglass!!)

All 4 cousins totally enjoyed their flying adventure!!  (The bottom right picture is an attempt to capture my daughter as the instructor held on to her and flew her up and down the wind tunnel!  It was so FUN!!!)

It's a bird; it's a plane; it's.....ME!!

David and I were practicing our skydiving moves!!  Maybe we were thinking we could try this maneuver!!

And at the end we got to go to In-N-Out Burger.  Could there be a more perfect end to our big adventure??  Mmmm...I LOVE In-n-Out!!

Hope you are enjoying your holidays as much as we are!! 

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmastime in Seattle {Seattle Family Photography}

What a fun festive morning with this sweet, sweet family!!  I had actually decided not to do any more sessions after December 10th, so I would be done with all my projects by the time the holidays came around...but when this family contacted me, I couldn't say no.  They were coming into town for a few days and wanted a session down at Pike Place Market.  How could I say no to that???

In the course of our time together, I came to find out that they both had worked in the Market at one time or another.  Dad had actually worked at this flower shop, so we had to stop.  And then we saw the mistletoe sign....

We wandered around the Market a little and had the most wonderful treats from Chukar Cherries.  If you've never been there....visit them the next time you at Pike Place Market.

Look at this amazing family!!  I had such a great time with them!  I felt like we started as photographer/client and ended as friends!  Oh...I love my job!!


(Can I tell you that I secretly want to look like Mom???  I think she is just beautiful! And to top it off, she is a fellow Canadian!  O Canada....)

This little guy was just ADORABLE!!!  He is four months of pure joy, laughter and sweetness!!  If he were any sweeter, I could have gobbled him up as a holiday treat!!  (By the way, I love photographing couples in love!!)

Are there any images that I don't LOVE, LOVE, LOVE??  No...but I particularly like this one.  I am thinking we should attempt this image once a year and we'll see how their family grows and who is pulling who's hand!  (We were headed over to where Mom used to work.)

This little guy was so great during the entire session!  But eventually he just could not do it any was naptime and nothing was going to stop him!

With the onset of the nap, Mom and Dad headed into a local Irish pub for a much deserving drink!!  (This family walked all over the Market with me and attempted every idea I had....I think anyone deserves a drink after that!)

Thanks W Family!!  You have no idea how fun the session was for me!  I loved meeting you, getting to watch your little guy giggle, and photographing your sweet love for one another!  Happy, happy holidays!!!
(Check out a few more on the Red Thread Facebook Page!!)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

O, O, O...Cheerios!! {Tacoma Baby Photography}

Some friends of ours let us borrow...uh...babysit...their little girl the other day.  Of course, when the Cheerios came out, so did the camera!!

Thanks M & L for letting us have this cutie for a few hours the other night!!  I am pretty sure my kids now want a little sister...we'll be "borrowing" your daughter again!!   Enjoy the pictures!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

I Like to Eat Apples!! {Tacoma Baby Photography}

Even though I photographed this little guy a couple of weeks ago, he and his mom came back to see me the other day for some tea and delicious muffins.  (I love it when clients become friends!!  After all, I have photographed this little guy 5 or 6 times!)  But we couldn't have him leave without a handful of pictures...

He LOVES apples!!  (Actually...he really loves bananas, but after he has eaten through 2 or 3 bunches, his mom thinks it is time to switch up the fruit of choice!)

We have taken a picture of this little dude in his dad's tie each time he has come to see me.  What a great way to "measure" a little one grow!!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those giggles!!

Thanks, once again, B Family for the chance to photograph your little guy!!  And thanks for the AMAZING muffins and tea!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Breathe {inspiration for Wednesdays}

Well, if Oprah can do can I!!  I thought I'd list a few of my favorite things here for a lovely lighthearted Breathe post today!!  (Unfortunately, I cannot promise that all readers are going home with each item.  Sorry!  But maybe it will encourage you to try something new and I'd love it if you would leave a comment about one of your favorite things!)

First, Smashbox makeup...what can I say?  I LOVE it!!  It makes my skin look and feel great.  And I discovered it after a handful of my brides from 2010 were using it.  Their skin looked AMAZING in the photos!!

This is an Epiphanie camera bag!!  I am totally enamored with it and I always get so many compliments on it!  People are totally surprised to find out that it's a camera bag.  (For those photographers out holds a camera body and 3 lenses with space for my wallet.  It would hold a little more if I had a smaller wallet!!)

Chocolate is a MUST on a favorite things list.  Need I list any reasons?  (Just in case you need a little reasoning to put it on your favorite thing list, here is a little logic from my son....the other day he was trying to talk me into a snack of apples, peanut butter and chocolate.  To which he explained to me, "Mom, you get your protein, fruit and...happiness!!)

Yoga is one of my favorites because it makes my body feel so great!!  It brings me almost as much happiness as a good piece of dark chocolate!!  (My studio of choice is Three Trees Yoga.)

Of course, my family had to be on a list of my favorite things!!  But I specifically love that they like to do crazy, goofy things (like blowing bubbles on the roof of our house!)

My new favorite medium for images has got to be a canvas!!  I love the size, the chunkiness and how it just creates a work of art out of families!!

That being said, I ALSO love these little mini-accordion books!!  They come as a choice with each senior session, but they are so great I am thinking I might try to offer them with more sessions.  They are press printed, display multiple images and fit neatly (and easily) into a purse!

So this is my NEWEST favorite thing...just found it yesterday!!  Back in November, I gave up drinking coffee.  Now, after you pick yourself up off the floor from the shock of that last sentence, I did it initially as a way to fast from something.  However, 4 days into my abstinence, I noticed that pain I had been having in my joints for about 4 years, was gone!  (Not just diminished, but GONE!!)  It is the only change I made in my lifestyle and so I have to think that my giving up coffee is making my bones feel better...not sure why...but I like the results!!  However, it has been hard for me to walk by a coffee pot and I have to say I miss a nice warm cup of joe in the wintery afternoon.  So...(and I promise I am about to make my point)...a friend introduced me to this little item yesterday.  It is a coffee substitute made out of dandelion.  It actually tastes good (it is coffee-ish enough) AND it is good for my liver!!  Will wonders never cease!!

My last favorite thing is Word and Image put together!  I am hoping to create some art work this year from still-life images and add some beautiful words to them!  There is such power in both!!

Hope you enjoyed these favorite things!!  Leave a comment and tell me yours.  And just so you know, for a couple weeks posts will be intermittent as I celebrate the holidays with my family!  (But check back because you just might get to see some of our crazy antics!)

May this quote from Mother Teresa ring true in our lives this season!  May we love well...and may we not measure it, but just give it generously!!

Breathe, smile and go slowly.