Sunday, January 31, 2010

Love This Little Guy!!! {Scottsdale Child Photography}

First, let me make it clear that not only do I *LOVE* this little guy, I adore his parents too!! His mom and I are long-time friends and I've known his dad for years too. Dad is a photographer, so it is always a daunting task to do pictures for another photographer, but I am always honored when they ask me. This photo session, we decided to just focus on this little one...but we opted for the "un-kid" place of an old burnt out building. Little did I think that it was the PERFECT spot for photographing an inquisitive little boy!!

I usually save my storyboards for weddings, but there were so many great pictures of little D that I had to showcase them. Plus, they tell a bit of the story from a boys life!

Do you see his muscles?? He is showing them off!! AND...he loved playing in the rubble of the building and charred wood. In the next picture, I thought it was so funny to find such a cute fire hydrant in front of this burnt out mess!!

We moved down the street to this old Ticket Booth. I can't tell you how many "train tickets" I bought!! But I'm sure that I bought enough to get me across the country for sure!

A little more playing...and then off to the tracks to ride his new bike!

Just a few more...

I didn't even notice the word on the garage behind him until I got home! How appropriate...just in time for Valentine's Day!!

Ahh...candy hearts!! I think he almost shared with me!!

Thanks D and H!! I always love hanging out with you...and what a privilege to get to capture your growing boy once again!! He is amazing and so handsome! (Although I say next time you guys come here and we get him inside some real trains!!)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Some Days Are Meant for Playing

Last Thursday, my son and I went to Phoenix. Well...we tried to get to Phoenix, but the airport got shut down and so we got to hang out in the Seattle airport for 6 hours while we waited to see if a plane would ever arrive to take us to our destination. It finally did....and we got into Phoenix at 2:30 in the morning. (The good thing was that my father-in-law was picking us up and that is almost the time he wakes up!! Some of you are totally laughing right now!!)

While in Phoenix I got to hang out with friends and do some baby/family photo sessions, but our son got to hang out with his cousins. If I hadn't gone to check on him, I don't think I would have heard from him all weekend....he had so much fun!!!

On our last day there, my sister-in-law brought the kids to a downtown location and we did a quick, fun shoot. Enjoy!!

I love this old burnt out building as a background for the boys!!  Of course, they had to be WAY TOO COOL...

My beautiful blue-eyed niece!!

I am not even sure what he is doing here.  All I know is that lately the only pictures I get of my son are either totally serious and cool (see above) or outrageously goofy.  I guess this goes in the latter category!

Those are some serious, urban kids...

Going goofy again...

Some days are meant for playing and that means taking your kids and camera to some location you would never really frequent and shoot away!!  Let them jump, act cool, be a fun teenager...whatever.  Just be sure that you are all having fun!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Another Sweet Little One...and His Big Sister {Litchfield Park Baby Photography}

I love photographing babies!!  Their many facial expressions crack me up and make me just want to cuddle them all at once.  I especially count it a privilege to be able to photograph babies of long-time friends.

I have known this little guy's mom since she was in junior high.  I have traveled to watch her compete in gymnastic tournaments, graduate from college, and got to be in her wedding.  And now I get to photograph her second little one!!  Lucky me!!

I believe they call this "milk drunk"!!

OK...not a face, but those feet are just as cute!!

LOVE those little hands!!

Catching a smile!!  Don't you wonder what he is dreaming about??

Big sister woke up from her nap and joined us for a few pictures.  She is so sweet, full of life and loves her little brother!!

Lots of hands to love on this little guy...

Little brother had to return to his "glowing blanket" (he is a little jaundiced and has a cool special blanket to help), so big sister graced my camera for a little bit.  Then after a little jumping, peek-a-boo, and laying on the floor, we got to play some Little Mermaid...I love my job!!!

M Family, I love you all!!  It really was my privilege to photograph your beautiful children (and get to snuggle and play with them too!!)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fun, Fun Family {Tempe Family Photography}

During my trip to Phoenix I got to photograph this beautiful family!!  Mom and I go way my first years in college and hers in high school.  I haven't seen her in years, but it was a great privilege to meet her husband and these two AMAZING children!!

I am pretty sure I've said it before, but when I am with a family I can tell just how much time they spend playing and talking with each other.  The kids are bright-eyed, full of laughter, talkative and energetic.  Well...not having spent a lot of time with them, but I can tell they are a well-connected family that is FULL of life!!

During a family session (especially with little ones!), we spend a lot of time playing, chasing, tossing, singing, and jumping.  I *LOVE* those images!!

I just wanted to gobble these two up!!  They were so sweet and so fun to photograph!!

And I bet you can tell by just looking at her...but this is a real live princess!!  (And this was her best princess face!)

Can you see that little pistol getting ready to run?  I love it when I get everyone looking at me!

We found this wall covered in a chalkboard and then went ahead and had some drawing fun..

Hanging out on the playground...

Thank you, M Family!!  I had such a fun morning with you!!