Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Another Sweet Little One...and His Big Sister {Litchfield Park Baby Photography}

I love photographing babies!!  Their many facial expressions crack me up and make me just want to cuddle them all at once.  I especially count it a privilege to be able to photograph babies of long-time friends.

I have known this little guy's mom since she was in junior high.  I have traveled to watch her compete in gymnastic tournaments, graduate from college, and got to be in her wedding.  And now I get to photograph her second little one!!  Lucky me!!

I believe they call this "milk drunk"!!

OK...not a face, but those feet are just as cute!!

LOVE those little hands!!

Catching a smile!!  Don't you wonder what he is dreaming about??

Big sister woke up from her nap and joined us for a few pictures.  She is so sweet, full of life and loves her little brother!!

Lots of hands to love on this little guy...

Little brother had to return to his "glowing blanket" (he is a little jaundiced and has a cool special blanket to help), so big sister graced my camera for a little bit.  Then after a little jumping, peek-a-boo, and laying on the floor, we got to play some Little Mermaid...I love my job!!!

M Family, I love you all!!  It really was my privilege to photograph your beautiful children (and get to snuggle and play with them too!!)

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