Monday, January 25, 2010

Just a Little Peanut {Scottsdale Baby Photography} time in Phoenix is coming to an end!!  It always seems too short, but I did manage to get a good enough dose of vitamin D through some sunny skies to last me until we see blue sky again in Seattle!  While I was here I got to connect with good, long-time friends and have great conversations.  But I also had the privilege of doing a few photo sessions....and here is the first one!!

This little guy belongs to friends of mine.  He was adopted a month or so ago, but like all adoption stories the "beginning" can be traced back through that Red Thread of connection.  It might be just a longing for another child, miraculous happenings, impeccable timing, but all adoption stories share that Red Thread of "what was meant to be".

I love Ryan's mom!!  I arrived at her house and she let me start wandering around, moving things and grabbing from her decor - all for these sweet shots of Ryan!!

Ryan's sisters were at school so we knew it was a perfect time to get some pictures with Mom and Dad.  I have known these two for 20 years now.  We have attended each others weddings, gone on trips together, had deep, intense conversations, cried together, laughed together, watched our children be born, spent many a New Year's Eve together....and so much more that I don't have time to write it.  They are a wonderful couple, amazing parents, and I am glad to call them my friends!!

It is orange season and I couldn't resist.  This wagon was full of delicious fruit, so we added just one more sweet, squishable, and totally delicious thing to our load.  Forget those oranges...Ryan is the sweetest by far!!

Big sisters came home from school....

...and they needed to get all their sweetness into that juicy wagon!!!

After all this...I believe it was a time for a nap!!

It was a privilege to photograph you guys again!!!  I love all of you and your little guy is AMAZING!!  I look forward to watching him (and your girls) grow up!!

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