Saturday, January 16, 2010

Kiss Me: Danielle and James {Graham Engagement Photography}

All I can say is this day was a GIFT!!  It rained for days before and began raining the next day, but for our session, the rain went away and the sun peaked out behind the clouds every once and a while.

 And not only that....I got to hang out with Danielle and James!!  They were fun and easy to be with and totally willing to trek onto unknown territory to get our pictures!  Thanks for being adventurous, Danielle and James!!

Since they wanted a more rustic background, we drove on to this old farm and just hoped that someone would let us hang out and take pictures.  We were lucky to find some guy who was just there feeding the cows...but he didn't see why we couldn't take some pictures.  YEAH!!  Maybe we should have gotten a picture with the cow??

Not quite as "rustic", but I love this picture in an old shed.  I especially *LOVE* the heart above Danielle's head.  I think it says it all!!

Fun in the barn...

I couldn't resist...can you see their reflection/shadow in the puddle???  (Can you also see all the water in the background?  Boy, are we in the rainy season!)

We headed to some nearby railroad tracks partly because I love railroad tracks and partly because I think tracks are symbolic of a new adventure in life.  Surely embarking on a wedding and a life together is one of the greatest adventures in life!

Danielle and James, I had a great time with you!!!  I can't wait for the wedding!!  (It should be much warmer and a lot less wet!!)

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Erin McFarland said...

Oh so beautiful photos Tara!!! I LOVE the one where you can see the reflection in the puddle- you have such a great eye and so much creativity! Miss you!