Sunday, January 31, 2010

Love This Little Guy!!! {Scottsdale Child Photography}

First, let me make it clear that not only do I *LOVE* this little guy, I adore his parents too!! His mom and I are long-time friends and I've known his dad for years too. Dad is a photographer, so it is always a daunting task to do pictures for another photographer, but I am always honored when they ask me. This photo session, we decided to just focus on this little one...but we opted for the "un-kid" place of an old burnt out building. Little did I think that it was the PERFECT spot for photographing an inquisitive little boy!!

I usually save my storyboards for weddings, but there were so many great pictures of little D that I had to showcase them. Plus, they tell a bit of the story from a boys life!

Do you see his muscles?? He is showing them off!! AND...he loved playing in the rubble of the building and charred wood. In the next picture, I thought it was so funny to find such a cute fire hydrant in front of this burnt out mess!!

We moved down the street to this old Ticket Booth. I can't tell you how many "train tickets" I bought!! But I'm sure that I bought enough to get me across the country for sure!

A little more playing...and then off to the tracks to ride his new bike!

Just a few more...

I didn't even notice the word on the garage behind him until I got home! How appropriate...just in time for Valentine's Day!!

Ahh...candy hearts!! I think he almost shared with me!!

Thanks D and H!! I always love hanging out with you...and what a privilege to get to capture your growing boy once again!! He is amazing and so handsome! (Although I say next time you guys come here and we get him inside some real trains!!)

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