Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mazel Tov {Seattle Adoption Photography}

I looked up the word Mazel Tov and found the following:  it is an exclamation declaring "good fortune has occurred" or (and this is my favorite!!)  "I am pleased that this good thing has happened to you!!"  That is a lot packed into two little words.  But those two words reflect best describe how I feel for Kayla and Elliana!!

Elliana's adoption was made official this last week at a court house in downtown Seattle, but we all know that a "Red Thread" made it official long before that day!

It was my privilege to be able to be there and capture some of the moments of the "Forever Day" for Elliana's family!

We started in a third floor hallway where we got all of our instructions of how the proceedings would go.  Family members were present to welcome this little girl officially into the family tree and the gift of a balloon made the waiting a little more tolerable!!

Next we were ushered into a courtroom where the next 15 minutes would change the course of a little girl's lifetime!!  (Isn't amazing how such a small amount of time can have reverberations into the rest of history?)

I love what the judge said next (and it was almost the title of this post)...She said, "I sign into law what is already in your heart".

Ahhh....Mazel Tov!!!

Pictures with officials...

And then out to the hall to wait for some official papers.  (Actually, Kayla and Elliana went out into the hall, but I got recruited to video two other adoptions that took place right after.  My disclaimer was that I know how to take pictures with my camera, but I don't even pretend to be a videographer.  However, they still decided to put their camcorders into my hands!!)

After I was done, I went out into the hall to join in the waiting and of course, couldn't resist take a few pictures of this Super Cutie!!

So this is Elliana's version of America's Top Model.  When she would see my camera coming towards her, she would tilt her head to the right and give a coy little look!!

This is my FAVORITE!!!  I think she looks like a little school girl!  I *LOVE* the red jacket!!

With mom and grandma..

(Which one do you think is happier??  Grandma or Granddaugher?)

Finally, the official papers arrive...

...and that little girl has an official name and a Forever Family!! 

So I say Mazel Tov once again...but I say to each one of these beautiful ladies who have all had a good thing happen to them today!!!

On my way out of the courthouse, I came across this on the floor.  Because I think that adoption is a moment where Mercy kisses Justice and the world is put a little more to right, I liked the phrase "make justice a reality"!!  Thank you, Kayla and Elliana for allowing me to come along and watch your moments where justice became real!!  Mazel Tov!!!

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