Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Three Months Cute!! {Tacoma Baby Photography}

I am always so privileged when I see a family grow over a period of time!!  To watch a married couple become parents,  then watch a little one get bigger and bigger, and to see the love between all of them blossom...that is always a gift to me!!

I got to photograph this little guy in his Mommy's tummy, and as a newborn.  Here he is again...cuter than ever!!

Love, love, love this family!!!

Mom is completely smitten with this little guy!!  I don't blame her...I just wanted to squeeze and kiss him!!

Elliot could not have been more cooperative.  He was awake for a little, then decided to have a little snack and a cat nap.  Of course, I couldn't resist putting him in this little tray while he took a little snooze.

I had to get a picture of his little feet just as he was waking up.  Even though they are still so little, they are much bigger than they were the last time I saw him.  Oh, how time flies!!

If you go back and look at the maternity pictures and his newborn pics, we used the Sounders stuff in both of those.  I am sure he is going to be a big soccer fan, so we'll capture the beginnings of it in his early years!!
(Notice that little foot??  Maybe he won't be just a fan...maybe he'll be out on that field some day!)

We also photographed him in Dad's tie when he was newborn....a trend we'll continue through at least the next year of his life. was almost time to be done.  When the eyes start to be rubbed, I know my time is running out!!

(My daughter came into the studio and got Elliot laughing.  She is so good with little ones...I am so proud!!)

Thanks for coming in again, Backmans!!  I always love hanging out with you and truly cannot get enough of your little guy!!  I could photograph him for hours!!

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