Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy Birthday to You {Normandy Park Family Photography}

Another sunny afternoon came our way last weekend and this sweet family met me for some family pictures.  It was their daughter Samantha's first birthday and so it was an honor for me to get to be part of their day!!

I love this one!!  Samantha is not walking yet, but I can tell that she is ready!!  I was on the ground on my stomach taking this and I think she was trying to figure out why a grown-up was on the ground and why she couldn't do the same thing too!  She took off on her hands and knees right after this picture!

Her parents brought balloons for her to celebrate her special day!  There was enough of a breeze to keep her attention on their magical dance!

Of course we always need some kisses...

...and snuggles!!

And then the timeless..."SO BIG!!!!"

This is my favorite image of our session!!  We found this stump that she could sit in and then of course, there is that amazing hat!!  Where can I get one like that ?  And would I look as cute in it? maybe this one is my favorite??  I just don't think they get much cuter than this!!

What better thing to do than photograph an amazing family on a sunny day in the Pacific Northwest!!  I had a great time with you guys and your little one is so sweet!!  Thanks for inviting me into your special day!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Bundle of Energy {Puyallup Child Photography}

I sound like a broken record (does anyone remember what those are?), but I LOVE MY JOB!!  I love that every session is different and I get to capture some of the personality of each person and each connection.  Well...on this photo shoot, I got to capture A LOT of personality coming out of this 4 year old bundle of energy!!   She was constantly on the move and almost always singing a song.  (Her favorite is Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me".)

Here is Rock Star Angelique showing the world what she's got....

With a little Rock Star attitude!!

By the way, Mom and Angelique are a Red Thread Story in the making.  Angelique's mom is a foster parent and got Angelique at 3 days old.  I guess that Red Thread brought them together because they've been a family ever since.  It is obvious that this little girl has received lots of love and attention from mom...her confidence and the life in her eyes (and body!) are proof of that!!  

During our session, we needed a little break to share some candy hearts with each other...

After an outfit change and a little "on the street" rock concert for some folks at a local coffee shop, we were off to capture some more of this running-jumping-tumbling little girl.

I think this may be my favorite series.  Dancing in an alleyway behind some stores you can tell that Angelique "lives out loud"!!

Of course, we always need to get a more traditional family portrait...

...and she is off again!!!

Although I love the pictures where Angelique is looking at me with a sweet smile, I think mom would agree that this a more true-to-life portrait of this bundle of fun!  I think I may rename her "The Cartwheel Queen"!!

A few more in this amazing "technicolor" dress - funny faces, playing around, and having fun!!

And of course, I had to end with this picture.  It needs no I'll stop writing and let you enjoy a little mother-daughter *LOVE*.

Amazing, amazing, amazing....that is how I would describe my time with these two!!  Can't wait to hopefully do it again someday!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Class of 2010 - Ashley {Tacoma Senior Photography}

I can't believe we had some bright sunny days here in February!!  The sunshine makes me happy and so does getting out and doing the first of the Spring Senior Sessions!  I did Ashley's headshots back in the Fall and at that time she let me know that she loves horses and wanted her longer session to be done at her Grandma & Grandpa's.  Well, we took advantage of the nice weather and here is what we got...

As we were in the horse stall, one of the residents came to see what was going on (I guess I can't blame her...we were in her house!)  We had a tough time encouraging her to leave and she really liked my camera.  I was sure I was going to have horse snot all over it!!  (How is that for a new "filter" for my lens!!)

*LOVE* this picture!!!  You rock Ashley!!!

Barns, horsetrailers, hay...Ashley is right at home here!!  She is a country girl through and through...

Catching her laughing.  Doesn't she have a beautiful smile!!

She brought along her boyfriend who, although he wasn't thrilled about being photographed, he was a great sport!! 

Of course, we couldn't forget her horse.  I love the pictures of the two of them together!!  And I have to admit that I'm a little bit jealous.  Is it not every little girl's dream to have her own horse? 

(I had to put this one in.  A little close up of a sweet kiss!!)

Unfortunately this is just about the point that disaster struck!  The horse stepped on Ashley's foot and it started to swell.   (And no...I didn't get any pictures of it!  I step back and out of the way in painful emergencies like that - unless it's my kids!)  We had to end the session, but not to worry.  You'll see more of Ashley in the future when her foot heals and we get another sunny day!!

Ashely, you are beautiful!!  I can't wait to photograph you again!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Quite an Adventure

 I have been in Washington, DC for the last few days and it looks like, because of a lovely snowstorm, I will be here for a couple more!  We have met some of the most amazing people and have made new friends that I hope some day that I will be able to visit in their home countries!

I thought I'd show a few pictures from our time here (but not a lot of faces because I'm not sure that everyone wants to be on the internet).  We spent our first day hanging out with quite a group...three Americans, a Canadian, three Jordanians and one Brit.  We rode the Metro, went to the Holocaust museum and had a great time getting to know each other.

Boys will be matter what country they come from!1

The next few days were very full of events, meetings, and meals.  We had the privilege of being part of the National Prayer Breakfast where people all over this country and from around the world come to gather for the sake of peace and prayer in the name of Jesus of Nazareth.  

Last night, after all the festivities (and in the middle of the a HUGE snowstorm) some friends gathered at a local Moroccan restaurant for dinner.  Well, let me say that it started off as a dinner and ended in a wonderful party!!  I wish I could include the pictures of dancing and singing that took place in the restaurant last night.  We had so much fun!!  But what I can tell you is that if you are ever in DC, go to Bistro Bistro!

It had started snowing earlier on that morning and continued on through the night.  As we left the dinner, my husband and I wanted to get a couple of pictures.  (And I have a confession....I am learning NOT to take all my photo gear with me and use my point-and-shoot.  This is a difficult task for me, because I LOVE my camera...but sometimes it is just nice to have something little.)

After learning that our flight was canceled because the airport was closed, this morning we ventured out to find some fun.  (We heard there was going to be a gathering in DuPont Circle for a HUGE snowball fight!)  And these pictures were actually taken with the camera of a lady from Argentina.  We were in the lobby of the hotel, ready to brave the cold and storm, and she came up and asked if I would take pictures of the events with her camera...she wanted to show her grandchildren!!  (Boy, talk about LOTS of point-and-shoot practice!)

On our way, we came across a tree that had fallen on  a car...bummer!

Some new friends...

At the snowball fight people were trying to climb the frozen fountain.  But once someone started to climb, a huge mass of snowballs would be thrown right at them!!

Most people walked, nobody drove and a few came with snowshoes...

Hope to be home soon...and hope you have a great day!!