Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Bundle of Energy {Puyallup Child Photography}

I sound like a broken record (does anyone remember what those are?), but I LOVE MY JOB!!  I love that every session is different and I get to capture some of the personality of each person and each connection.  Well...on this photo shoot, I got to capture A LOT of personality coming out of this 4 year old bundle of energy!!   She was constantly on the move and almost always singing a song.  (Her favorite is Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me".)

Here is Rock Star Angelique showing the world what she's got....

With a little Rock Star attitude!!

By the way, Mom and Angelique are a Red Thread Story in the making.  Angelique's mom is a foster parent and got Angelique at 3 days old.  I guess that Red Thread brought them together because they've been a family ever since.  It is obvious that this little girl has received lots of love and attention from mom...her confidence and the life in her eyes (and body!) are proof of that!!  

During our session, we needed a little break to share some candy hearts with each other...

After an outfit change and a little "on the street" rock concert for some folks at a local coffee shop, we were off to capture some more of this running-jumping-tumbling little girl.

I think this may be my favorite series.  Dancing in an alleyway behind some stores you can tell that Angelique "lives out loud"!!

Of course, we always need to get a more traditional family portrait...

...and she is off again!!!

Although I love the pictures where Angelique is looking at me with a sweet smile, I think mom would agree that this a more true-to-life portrait of this bundle of fun!  I think I may rename her "The Cartwheel Queen"!!

A few more in this amazing "technicolor" dress - funny faces, playing around, and having fun!!

And of course, I had to end with this picture.  It needs no I'll stop writing and let you enjoy a little mother-daughter *LOVE*.

Amazing, amazing, amazing....that is how I would describe my time with these two!!  Can't wait to hopefully do it again someday!!

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