Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy Birthday to You {Normandy Park Family Photography}

Another sunny afternoon came our way last weekend and this sweet family met me for some family pictures.  It was their daughter Samantha's first birthday and so it was an honor for me to get to be part of their day!!

I love this one!!  Samantha is not walking yet, but I can tell that she is ready!!  I was on the ground on my stomach taking this and I think she was trying to figure out why a grown-up was on the ground and why she couldn't do the same thing too!  She took off on her hands and knees right after this picture!

Her parents brought balloons for her to celebrate her special day!  There was enough of a breeze to keep her attention on their magical dance!

Of course we always need some kisses...

...and snuggles!!

And then the timeless..."SO BIG!!!!"

This is my favorite image of our session!!  We found this stump that she could sit in and then of course, there is that amazing hat!!  Where can I get one like that ?  And would I look as cute in it? maybe this one is my favorite??  I just don't think they get much cuter than this!!

What better thing to do than photograph an amazing family on a sunny day in the Pacific Northwest!!  I had a great time with you guys and your little one is so sweet!!  Thanks for inviting me into your special day!!

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