Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Cutest Cupcake {Tacoma Baby Photography}

I was in downtown Tacoma at Hello Cupcake the other day and I got to photograph the cutest cupcake in the place!!  Margot and her Mom met me there for a little afternoon (6 month) sweetness.  

I loved this tutu that Mom brought and it put new meaning to the phrase "Pretty in pink".  Margot liked it too, but for different reasons as you'll see in few more pictures!

Cutest cupcake or sweetest piece of candy??  You'll have to decide because I can't.

I guess when we didn't give her any gum...she decided to try the tutu!!

Some days are full of smiles from little ones, and others are full of sleepiness.  I think this was more of a sleepy day for Margot.  Personally, I think she just needed one of those yummy cupcakes!!  (The Carrot Cake Cupcake is my favorite, by the way!)

At a local bookstore, we took a few minutes to read a story...

...and learn some chess....

However sleepiness hovered in the air and I knew we only had a few more minutes before it would descend upon this sweet little one.

And sleep finally sent little Margot off into dream land...

However, let me add one addendum to our story...the moment we got back to the cupcake store (because who can go to Hello, Cupcake and not buy anything?), her eyes shot open and she was awake again!  Ahhh...a girl after my own heart (I guess actually it would be more of my tastebuds, right?)

Just wait a few more months, Margot!!  We'll go back and whether or not your mom approves, we'll get you a cupcake.  However, you will always be the cutest one in the bunch!!

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Erin McFarland said...

this session is so precious Tara! I love all the ones of her and her momma!