Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Kiss Me: Jen and Chris {Snoqualmie Engagement Photography}

Boldly going where every sign told us NOT to go...we ventured off the trail for Jen and Chris' engagement session.  And boy, am I glad we did!!  Both Jen and Chris knew they were more comfortable in the outdoors and hiking is what they like to do for fun, so this session took us to Snoqualmie Falls.

And just so you get a sense of WHERE we were after we left the boardwalk....
(my family came with me so they could hike...but they caught up with us and took a few pictures!  Not sure if it is a good lesson or not to teach my kids to disregard signs and jump over barriers.....)

But now we move on to the main attraction!!  The falls are amazing...but so was the adventuresome spirit of these two AND their playfulness with each other!  It was a totally fun to get to hang out with them!!

LOVE, LOVE, *LOVE* this one!!!

I think after the first few pictures, Chris thought we should be done.  Or at least I should have let him do a little fishing!!  He kept Jen (and me) laughing through most of our time together!!  I think he is giving his world famous "blue ice" look to Jen right here!!  (If you've seen Zoolander, you'll appreciate this!)

Walking back up the trail....What do you think he is saying to her?

All the way through our session, Chris kept reminding me that his mom needed a picture for the hometown newspaper.  Well, here it is Chris...here it is!!

Jen and Chris, it was so fun being with you last weekend!!  I cannot wait to photograph your wedding in September!!!

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