Friday, March 26, 2010

Little Ones: Chloe {Tacoma Baby Photography}

I was reading yesterday about a sweet tradition.  In Northern China, the birth of a child is celebrated with a Bia Jia Bei, or "100 Good Wishes Quilt".  Originally, the newborn's friends and family contributed the cloth for the quilt along with their words of good wishes.  

I like the idea of speaking sweet words to our children from a young age.  I am sure that Chloe has lots of Good Wishes from her family, but I thought I'd add a few of my adorn these beautiful pictures of this beautiful girl!!


Chloe's grandmother made this quilt for her, which I'm sure comes with a million good wishes...not to mention 10 million kisses and hugs!!
{ of}

Chloe's dad has this great tattoo!!  It is actually his wife's family crest.  How appropriate...he has been marked by his wife's love and together they created this new little life!!
{the feel of being scooped up and safe in dad's arms...held tightly...knowing you are daddy's little princess}

{holding hands...giggling...sharing secrets...all with mom....knowing she is one of your biggest fans}

{time to just hang out...good}

{solid ground to walk on....straight paths on your journey of life...the feel of grass between your toes}

{a strong sense of who you are...a community of people around you to uphold you}

{kisses...kisses...and more kisses}

{the knowledge of being loved just the way you are...believing you are beautiful}

These are my many wishes for you, sweet Chloe!!  However I have one more...{SLEEP} so mom gets some rest too!!

I had a wonderful time with you Z family!!  Many wishes are sent your way too!!

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