Friday, March 5, 2010

Oh Boy!! {Tacoma Baby Photography}

His name is Kellen and he is about as sweet as they come.  This little guy (along with mom and dad) came to see me last week...and I could have just held him and snuggled with him the whole time!  But I refrained and took pictures of him instead.  (Though I did sneak a few squeezes every once and a while!!)

Ahh...I love sleeping babies!!  Why?  Perhaps because they are epitome of peace and rest, perhaps because you just can't help but smile and let out a little "ohhhh" at a sleeping baby, or perhaps because it is a good reminder to Mom and Dad that at one point their little boy did slumber well.  

Now I do love sleeping babies, but I do love it when they wake up too!!  Kellen's eyes popped open as soon as we got him a little naked (who can blame him?).  I've said it before that parents are a child's favorite toys, so we had Kellen entertain his Mom and Dad a little too!

Awake a little longer...he fought sleep because he thought he'd miss out on something. what cracks me up is that at this point, not only did Kellen go back to sleep, but his Dad needed a little rest too...and fell asleep.  Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of him because I knew we needed more of Kellen.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE his little hand holding on to his blue dog!!  Both of my kids have stuffed animals that they have "loved" over the years.  I have pictures of their stuffed companions looking new and clean (kind of like Blue Dog), and I have pictures of them now - with patches and missing fur and a little lumpy.  But it's a picture of love and care and "becoming real".
I hope I'll be able to photograph Kellen as he grows up and maybe Blue Dog will often come with him.  And we'll watch Blue Dog change and "grow" over the years too!

To this sweet family who has now grown by "two feet"...I loved photographing you!!  Your little guy is just so sweet and I can tell you are wildly in love with him!!

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