Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rock Star Family {Seattle Family Photography}

OK...so this family ROCKS!!  Not only do they live in a very cool loft in the middle of Seattle, but Mom owns (and knows how to use!) a skateboard and Dad plays the guitar!!  I was so honored to be invited into a few hours of their life together...and to capture some of those Red Thread connection moments!!

This little guy, Gabe, is just ADORABLE!!  He greeted me from his crib when I first got there but let Mom and Dad recount the story of his 3 am wake-up that morning.  Isn't that always the case on the day of a photo shoot?  (However, he was a lot more pleasant than I would've been had I woken up at 3 am!)

Sometimes it is the simple and repetitive moments in life that need to be captured in pictures...

...and sometimes it is the whimsical moments that make life a piece of art!  (I love the light in this one..almost yin and yang!)  

Out for a little walk in the neighborhood...

(A different kind of family portrait!)

It was at least 10:45 in the morning, which means it was time for some ice cream!!  Gabe had his first little taste of the sweet stuff and I am not sure that life will ever be the same again!  (I *LOVE* the drool picture...and can you read the cup?  It says "caution contents hot".  That just made me laugh!)

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this picture!!!  I am pretty sure this is how I would feel after getting up at 3 am!

Back at their house, we had to do a few Rock Star pictures!!  I just told Gabe that when he becomes a famous guitar player, he needs to give me a little shout out as the one who first took his picture with a guitar!

And of course, I HAD to end with this one!  What a perfect shirt to be wearing as Mom and Dad plant some nice big smooches on that boy!!

Miller Family...it was SO FUN to be with you!!  Your adventuresome spirit and playfulness made it a wonderful morning for me!!

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