Monday, March 8, 2010

Who Knew Cherry Blossoms Were So Scary?? {Federal Way Photographer}

So my cherry blossoms are in FULL bloom right now and it makes me happy to look out my kitchen window!!  I love the delicate pink flowers so much that I just had to go and lay on the ground under the tree so I could feel enveloped by them.  The feel of the petals softly falling on my face made me feel like I was in Narnia!!  Of course, I can only take pictures of "things" for so long before I start to get the itch to photograph people...

So I called up a friend of mine who has a beautiful little girl and talked her into coming over so we could get some pictures of Paige in the garden with the cherry blossoms.  Sounds like a GREAT plan doesn't it?  A cute little girl in the spring?

Well, evidently Paige does NOT like cherry blossoms or the garden and would not have anything to do with my GREAT plan!!  (To her defense, she had been kind of fussy all day.  So I think my friend is the bravest woman I know to take a little fussy one out!!  Way to go, Lisa!)

We moved inside where we got a few shots that I thought I'd share.  However, even inside we had to keep those cherry blossoms away from Paige or she would start crying!  She doesn't appreciate a good pink blossom quite the way I do!!

OK, I think she is cuter than any flower in my garden!!  Although, looking at that spring dress you would never believe that it snowed here this morning, would you?

Paige was DONE with being photographed in cutesy dresses and wanted to show me her newly mastered commando crawl.  Watch out, Dad!!  She might take a bite of those shoes too!


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