Monday, April 26, 2010

Apple of Their Eye {Bothell Baby Photography}

So, I've decided that I have a new "backdrop" for little ones....and that backdrop is Mom.  Sometimes there are some kiddos (usually between 9 months and a year) who don't really like me very much - can you imagine??- and they just want to hold on to mom - can you blame them?  So what do we do then?  We let mom (or at least part of her) be in most of the pictures.  Let me demonstrate in this set of pictures...

This super cutie - Ravenna - was not sure what she thought about me and my camera...

...and she definitely did NOT like my flower pot.

But as soon as Mom was near, out went the tears and here came the smiles!!  (Can you see that big tear on her cheek?  SO CUTE!!!)

Ravenna's mom was so great to play along with all of this.  (Can you see her laying on the ground?)  But look at that sweet smile from this little girl....she is so delicious, I could gobble her up!

We did try a little "cheerio" enticement, which worked for a moment or two...after all, kids big and little are always willing to participate for food!!  (Me too, by the way!)

We did a little clothing change and went for a few more pictures.  I *LOVE* this hat!!  The garden is the perfect place for this little gardener to be!

We tried the flower pot again and guess what???  She still was not going to have anything to do with it...

However....right at the end Mom (the wonderful backdrop) had a great idea!!  She pulled out an apple and let this little one have some delicious fun.  Ravenna kept looking to be sure that mom was still there, but that apple was just what we needed to catch this series of pictures.

I think maybe this little girl could be a perfect poster child for Washington apples.  I would buy a whole truckload from her!!

I had so much fun with Ravenna and her mom!   Ravenna is a sweet little girl with a great smile and mom was such a trooper to do everything I asked her to do.  (She may have worked harder than I did that day!!)

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