Thursday, April 1, 2010

Class of 2010 - Jesse {Tacoma Senior Photography}

Meet another amazing senior from the class of 2010!!  My session with Jesse started out like it usually does with senior boys...they are always a little skeptical that this "photo-session-thing" is going to be worth their time, AND they have been "motivated" by their mom to get up out of bed, take a shower, and dress respectably.  (Really, if I were a senior boy, I would be glaring at me too!!)
However...Jesse was great to work with and I think he might have even had a little fun along the way!!  I could have taken pictures of him much longer (but didn't want to extend the torture!) because he has great eyes and a super strong look.  Enjoy the pictures!!

I *LOVE* his choice of a red t-shirt!!  Not just because red is my favorite, but it added such a great splash of color to all the pictures!!  And Jesse looks oh so handsome in it!!

Love this slight smile!!  Kinda looks like he is plotting something!!  (Hopefully it is nothing against the photographer!)

I told you he has great eyes!!

Jesse, it was great to meet you!!  Thanks for letting me take your senior pictures...hope the rest of this year is AMAZING!!

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