Saturday, April 24, 2010

Kiss Me: Kris and Steve {Seattle Engagement Photography}

A beautiful sunny day, blue sky, a couple in love, and a little goofiness makes a recipe for a perfect engagement session!!  Kris and Steve were so fun to photograph because they are so much in love but don't take themselves too seriously...just wait and you'll see what I mean!!

Always love to show a little *BLING*

These two met in a local running club and are avid runners.  I think Kris has to run twice as fast in order to keep up with Steve when they run.  He is so tall!!
(I love this little series of pictures!!)

I told you there was a little fun spiritedness in them...

....and then I turned around caught even more fun!!  Steve, I wouldn't make her mad too often!!

A little more "docile"  picture with the local foliage...

We headed up to Gasworks Park and I just loved watching the two of them enjoy and tease one another.

Kris and Steve, it was a pleasure to get to hang out with you guys for a couple of hours, to capture a bit of your love story and see the FUN side of you two!!  There is a quote that says:
"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing."
If that is true, then you two will NEVER grow old...and I love that!

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