Thursday, April 22, 2010

Marry Me: Alisa and Matt {Seattle Wedding Photography}

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then get ready for 50,000+ words!!  Matt and Alisa's story starts in the Seattle area where they grew up...but didn't know one another.  In fact, they had to both go to New York to have that fated meeting that would lead to this big day.  From there, they both moved across the country to the L.A. area, where they live now.  Just think...all that travel to meet someone that you lived 10 minutes apart from while you were growing up! 

Well, they hopped on a plane once again to come back home for this amazing day.  Surrounded by family and friends, these two celebrated their love for one another!

Alisa got ready at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel in downtown Seattle...a very "bridal" hotel, if I do say so myself....she was amazingly beautiful and there were many tears of happiness shed that day.  (There were also some very funny moments.  Someone was sent out to get Alisa a necklace to wear, but obviously didn't want to make that we had box #1, box #2, and box #3!)

The dress was originally her mom's dress that she had remade for her!  I LOVE that!!  What a special memory for the two of them...and I like how the dress became her "something old".

What the Fairmont is to a bride, the W Hotel (across the street) is to the groom.  Sleek and modern, it made a great backdrop for some great groom's shots.  Thanks to my friend, Chris Maddox, who came all the way from Arizona to photograph the wedding with me!!

A few bride and groom'll see the difference between the two hotels as well...

Matt and Alisa decided to do a "first look".  I already said there were lots of happy tears Alisa came around the corner, her eyes filled with tears...

I am so glad they decided on that first look, because in good Seattle fashion, the weather gave us a mix of all it had.  We at least got a pocket of nice (not raining!) was almost like a wedding gift to Alisa and Matt.

With her sweet nieces and flower girls...

I loved all the details and tradition they put into the wedding.  Alisa had something old (dress), something new (Matt gave her new diamond earrings!), something borrowed (a hankie from a friend), and something blue (something cute that will not be mentioned).  But did you know that the old wedding rhyme doesn't end there?  It ends with "and a sixpence in your shoe".  Well...guess what?  As she took of her shoes for some grass pictures...there it was - a sixpence.  

This wedding party came from all over the country to join these two in their celebration.  They were fun, funny and fun to photograph!!  (I love the girls laughing in the bottom picture!  We sent the flower girls out of the picture and told them to go stand by dad, but instead they ended up backing up in Chris's legs.  They stood there the way kids sometimes do - when they think they are with a parent - and put a hand around his leg.  All along the bridesmaids and Alisa just kept cracking up!!)

I just loved this picture.  It reminded me of the quote:
Don't walk behind me, I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.

The ceremony...(I love, love, love these mason jars filled with flowers!!)

In good Seattle fashion again, it was POURING rain by the time the ceremony was done!  We all crammed into a very hot, humid (and NOT made for 16 people!!) limo and decided to drive down to the water.  We figured that the way the weather shifts and changes in our area, the rain might be gone by the time we got there.  And guess what?  As we neared the parking lot, the rain stopped!!  Then it started all over again as we walked out onto the pier.  All I can say is that this bridal party was not daunted by those huge drops of rain...they braved the elements and we got some great pictures.  I love this one!!

First dances...

...and a few more "together" pictures.  (Notice the sun in the back and how nice the light is in the next picture???  Welcome to the ever shifting weather where I live!!)

What an exit!!

And I just had to put this one in last...I think it might be my favorite.  It reminds me of that painting by Jack Vettriano called The Singing Butler!  Such a beautiful couple!!

Matt and Alisa, it was a pleasure to be invited to your wedding!!  I wish you years and years and years of happiness and joy!!  (Enjoy these pictures until you have the total collection in your hands!)


Anonymous said...

Tara - you are a talent! I've shared your blog with so many friends and they are raving. It was a pleasure to meet and spend the day with you. You captured my sister and brother-in-law's day with such style.

Becca ( Alisa's older sis )

Tara Malouf said...

Thanks Becca. I had a wonderful time with all of you!!

moonbeam said...

Wow! Tara! What amazing photos!
Thanks for posting!
Your photos really showed how magical a day it was. I LOVE the shots on the dock. And the solo shots of Alisa... wow, she is stunning. I can just see Matt having a framed shot on his desk of the one where it's a headshot and she's looking up, with the green grass behind her. She looks gorgeous!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Tara for making the day a memory that will now last forever. the pictures are terrific and will be shared for generations to come. Also thank you so much for my gift now I can brag to all my friends.

Karin Hill (mother of the groom)

Tara Malouf said...

You are welcome, Karin!! It was an amazing day...and hope you enjoy the gift over and over and over again.