Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Breathe {inspiration for wednesdays}

Do you have a space in your house where clutter lurks and, you could swear, multiplies? Is it a counter or a corner that every time you walk by you just kind of cringe? Do you just throw extra stuff in its direction and then run away because the thought of facing the monster is WAY too overwhelming?

If you answered no to this, then thank you for being part of my therapy session! But if you answered yes, then I have an idea for you.....well, maybe less of an idea and more of an encouragement...

A 20 Minute "Fix"

1. Identify a clutter space that you could tackle in about 20 minutes - Start small. Pick a junk drawer, an entry way table, a closet, or the back seat of your car, and give it 20 minutes of FOCUSED time.

2. Set a timer for 20 minutes (that way you know it will not be a never-ending torture!)

3. Take all clutter out, or off of said area.

4. Make piles of "throw away", "give away" and "keep". Organize all the junk into one of those three piles. When in probably goes in the "throw away" pile. (No you do not need to keep a scrap of paper with a phone number of someone you met 9 months ago but have never called! And no you do not need 635 napkins in your car for "just in case"! And no, you will probably never replace the glass for the frame that broke if you haven't done so already, so get it out of your house!)

5. Keep only what you use or will use in the short term and DELIGHT over putting another item in the "give away" or "throw away" piles.

6. Get the "throw away" and "give away" piles out of your house/car/space as soon as possible.

7. As the timer ends your regulation playing time, sit BREATHE!! Your life (and spaces) just became less cluttered and the monster that was lurking in that area of your home has been slain!

**One word of caution...sometimes the first 20 minutes makes us a little compulsive to tackle other places which is good...but don't forget to take a few breaths first and celebrate!

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