Monday, May 31, 2010

Class of 2010 - Amber {Spanaway Senior Photography}

 Will it happen...will it not happen?  Do we keep the session date and time or do we cancel and try another day?  These are the questions Amber and I have been wrestling with over the last couple of weeks.  The weather seems quite uncooperative lately (in fact, to be honest, I am quite sick of a supposed spring that still feels like winter!!) and even an hour before our session together, Amber and I still didn't know if it was going to happen. 

However, we decided to go for it and pray for the rain to hold back until we were done.  And guess what??  It was pretty cooperative....and this gorgeous girl got her senior pictures done!

When I first saw Amber, I was taken back by how beautiful she is!!  She reminded me of a friend of mine who lives in the Mediterranean area...and I came to find out Amber's mom is from Spain.  That made perfect sense as I had this Spanish beauty gracing my camera!!

Amber had this wonderful necklace with her name and a music note.  She plays violin...but by her own admission, doesn't like to practice! 
(added texture to showcase the necklace...that's what all those scratch marks are!)

Looking Vogue!!

Amber's dad came with us during our session and I am pretty sure this look was directed toward him!  I think it translates into a "don't embarrass me in public, but I really do love you"!  I know because I get this look from my teenager too!

Amber is as sweet as she is beautiful!  Her favorite class (from last semester) was leadership because of the focus on doing activities for her school and community service.  However, like all seniors in the spring, there is no favorite class this semester....except "being done"!!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this one!!  

Early congratulations, Amber!!  You are almost there!!  I wish you all the best into your future!

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Lisa Lombardo said...

Flirty, feminine, mysterious and fun...Great set!