Sunday, May 16, 2010

Class of 2010 - Shelby {Spanaway Senior Photography}

Thank you to all of you who are keeping me so busy!!  As the spring unfolds and we actually see sunshine and blue sky, I tend to hear my phone ring more often!!  I am headed out to another session in a few minutes, but wanted to get some shots up of my Senior Session with Shelby.

As the Class of 2010 nears graduation, I am glad that some of them are still gracing my camera!!  Shelby was fun to be with and totally rocked the camera.  We ended up at a local park that, as we drove up, I realized they were having a spring festival.  We had to watch out for other people and it made clothing changes a little more tricky, but Shelby was up for it all.

Check out how gorgeous she is....

Did a little cross-processing on this for a little vintagey-flower-child look.  LOVE the headband Shelby!!

Out on the dock....I love this little white dress!!

What you need to appreciate in all these pictures is that ALL clothing changes were made out in the open...without exposing of course!!  In the way that only girls can, pants were put on under dresses and shirts were slipped on while others came out from underneath.  I think it is one of those things that makes us girls amazing!!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this hat...and this amazing smile!!  I had to make it a polaroid ...

I had a great time with you Shelby!  You are beautiful...and it was fun to hear about the community service you are involved in!

I wish you all the best for these last few days of school and on into your future!!

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