Friday, May 21, 2010

Marry Me: Emily and Jon {Seattle Wedding Photography}'s post is a little long, so you might want to go grab a cup of coffee or tea...but it is a GREAT love story in word and image.

I was privileged to be able to photograph Emily and Jon's wedding day!  They are such wonderful, down-to-earth people!  Their love story began in college over, from what I understand, a plate full of tofu.  (However, I assure you that no tofu was harmed in the unfolding of this wedding!)

Emily was already beaming and looking amazing when I met her at the salon...I think she has the most beautiful smile!!

I always love all the little details that go in to creating this day we call "wedding".  All the signs, little notecards, table settings, cakes, flowers, shoes, dresses and the list goes on.  I try to get pictures of all of them so that the Bride can enjoy them long after her wedding day.  One of my favorite details of Emily and Jon's day was the Groom's that baseball cap.  (By the way, Emily and Jon reside in Chicago!)

The venue they chose for the wedding was Columbia Winery partly because of their love for wine and partly, I think, because of the beauty of the place.  (So you may see a few wine bottles throughout the pictures...)  They also chose an amazing wedding coordinator, Suzanne Linich of Poised Events.  I always love working with Suzanne!!

So when I went in to check on the guys, this is the picture I got.  I think the handkerchiefs were proving to be a bit more complicated than they had originally imagined.  There was much folding and unfolding...and finally finding the instructions that came with the tuxes to try to figure it out!!  But I can't really make fun of them because I tried it little avail.

Emily and Jon decided to do a "First Look", which I always love.  It is a moment that I feel honored to be a part watch the bride walk down toward her groom, to watch the groom's reaction as he sees his bride in her dress for the first time.  

We found a beautiful place outside for those "First Look" moments...

...and it was sweet that Jon was moved to tears as he saw Emily.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this picture!!  I already loved Emily's purple shoes but when I peaked a little blue from underneath Jon's pants, I knew we had a picture in the making!  I love that you did this, guys!!!

I just think these two are gorgeous!!  And it was fun to watch how they can make the other person just smile!!  

Love this look, Jon.  He seems to be saying, "Yeah, that's right.  I got the girl!!"

Perhaps one of my favorite pictures of Emily.  Jon was telling a story making her laugh...I am sure it had something to do with how they met!

I guess now it is Emily's turn to give us the "Yeah...I got the guy!" look.

Both of them only had one attendant each which made for a sweet, intimate wedding party.   I love the bow ties for the guys....and the wine for everybody!!

OK...I had so many pictures of the two of them that I loved!!  I couldn't decide, so here are a few more of my favorites.  The first two are in the barrel room at the winery and the last one is...well, you can see.

The ceremony was beautiful.  Emily's brother walked her down the isle as her dad has passed away.  There were moments of tears, tenderness and laughter.

They also did a really cool wine ceremony during the service...

Ladies and Gentlemen....Mr and Mrs Price!!!

We headed upstairs for the signing of the marriage license....and to enjoy a little Dom Perignon that was a gift from a friend!  

Marriage is something to shout from the roof tops...and the wedding party was excited to get to the PARTY!!

First dances, great food, and fun friends marked this reception...

Some sweet party favors made by a cousin...they were delicious too!!

(Had to do a little texture on this exit picture!!)

Congratulations Emily and Jon!!  It was a great honor to be part of your wedding day!!  May you have years and years and years of joy and kisses (and not too much tofu!)!!


Lisa Lombardo said...

Really, really wonderful set! Just beautiful work.

Tara Malouf said...

Thanks, Lisa! It was a very fun wedding! I am always honored that people invite me to be a part of such a special day.

Mary Kelly said...

Tara- I don't consider myself a particularly emotional person, but your incredible talent has me in tears! The emotion you capture in these photographs is amazing. Luc was really excited about the his "aerial" photos and I just had to see them. I wasn't expecting to spend 30 minutes looking through this page, feeling like I had attended these weddings and known these people! Wow.

Tara Malouf said...

Thanks Mary!! I love telling the story of the wedding day! Did you ever see Luc's aerial photos? They are on the Red Thread Facebook page. So fun...but not sure GG insurance company would approve!!