Saturday, May 15, 2010

One Big Happy Family {Spokane Family Photography}

When I was invited to photograph this big family, I had no idea what I was in for!! What I got was lots of laughter, great conversations and really good food...sign me up again!

Mom and Dad wanted some pictures of their amazing family (which we got)....but I can't show you a lot of them. There are some foster kids that have been embraced and welcomed into the family, but because of privacy issues, I can't show faces. However, I'll try to give you a bit of the story of the day with some I can show....

The house is on some beautiful property up in the Spokane area...on a Christmas tree farm. How fun it that?? However, before you google them, you need to know they are not open for business quite yet. Those little trees need to grow, grow, grow before you can take them home with you.

This truck is one of the first things I noticed on the property and thought it might be fun to get the growing, growing, growing family on it, in it or around it. One problem didn't run. Not to be outdone by a big red truck, Dad got out there and fixed the problem himself (in his white "picture" shirt...which I will add, never got a stain on it!!!)

This little guy decided to get in the truck to help Grandpa...

...I am sure that all of his driving help is really what fixed the truck!

A whole family picture - sort of!! Evidently I was not very exciting to that little guy!!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this picture of Grandma and Grandpa!!

We headed out on to the property to see what kind of photo opps we could get. I already posted this a few days ago, but it deserves repeating. Being out there, on the farm, I can see that this family knows how to grow things well...trees and family!!

Mom wanted a "foot picture" of the entire family and I am so glad we did this. Although I know that not everybody wanted to take their shoes off...thank you! (Not even sure what size picture this is - I am going to have to start finding some custom printers!!)

I think I could just hear the stomachs rumbling as shoes and socks went back on. YUM!! We went back to the house and enjoyed a feast around a big kitchen table. Never have I had barbeque that was so delicious!! And I think I am going to have to learn to make Memphis Slaw (did I say that right?).

Of course, after lunch (or was it dinner?), we had to do a little hanging out. Some of the kiddos fell asleep, others lingered around the table, and I got a true picture of Grandpa outside. With shovel in hand, I am told that this is really who he is!!

Grandpa and a Great-Grandson...

Of course we had to check out the AWESOME tractors! Nothing like trying to win a little tractor race!! Ahhh...boys!!

And this is the man and woman of the hour. I pulled them away from all the cooking and organizing for just a very brief moment in order to capture this...

Y Family, I had a marvelous time with you all! Your farm is beautiful, but your family is even more beautiful! You really do know how to grow 'em!!


Lisa Lombardo said...

Great set! The foot picture ~ I've had success printing images that size as a 12 x 36 banner.

Tara Malouf said...

Thanks Lisa!! I will look into that!!

Erin McFarland said...

i love that one of Grandma and Grandpa from behind holding hands. that is how i want to be with matt someday... and with a big happy family all around. great job capturing this family Tara!