Friday, May 14, 2010

Sweet Six Months {Tacoma Baby Photography}

It is always so fun to watch little ones grow!!  To get to see this little guy as a sleeping infant, a wide-eyed 3 month old and now a full-of-smiles-and-oh-so-charming 6 month old is one of the delights of my job!!

I got to hang out with Elliot and his WHOLE  family last week in Spokane (more on that tomorrow!) but we knew we needed to capture this little 6 month dynamo while we were there.  Plus, we had tried to get pictures done on our side of Washington, but the rain wouldn't allow it.  I'm glad we was fun to photograph him in an entirely different place!

I LOVE Elliot's parents!!  They are so fun to hang out with and you can just feel the love they have for each other and this little guy!!

I believe this giraffe is a favorite toy.  I sure got a lot of mileage out of it during the photo session!!  (Plus, it was so fun because it SQUEAKS!)

After the rest of festivities of the day (see tomorrow) we made one more stop before dropping me off at the airport...we just HAD to get some carousel pictures!!  (Never mind that it would be cutting it very close to the time my plane was taking off...anything for the picture, right?)

Elliot loved the carousel...and I think he even thought the pole was edible!!

Love this little boy!!  I look forward to his smiles and giggles at nine months!!

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