Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Breathe {inspiration for wednesdays}

I heard a wonderful story the other day.  Some friends of ours were in town and wanted to see something of Seattle and one of the places we ventured to was the Ballard Locks.  We watched a handful of boats journey into each section of the locks, get shut in, allowing the water to rise around them and then move on to the next place until finally they could move into the largeness of the Lake Washington or Puget Sound (depending on their direction).

*unfortunately, I took no you'll have to enjoy these other images!

At the locks there was also a man-made salmon run.  Multiple steps moving higher and higher with a strong current of water cascading down in the opposite direction made the perfect pathway for the salmon to return, after a few years, to their place of birth where they will then spawn and die.  And of course, one of the cool things about a man-made salmon run is that in stride with human ingenuity and curiosity there was a "viewing room".  

Much like being at an aquarium, we were able to gather in a little concrete bunker with huge plate glass windows in front of us that let us look into the secret lives of the salmon.  We watched them move amongst each other and struggle against the opposing current.  The strange thing was that they were not moving very quickly or efficiently up the salmon run...they seemed to be in no rush to get to their destination.  In fact, at most moments they seemed to almost be swimming in place.

Then a tour guide in our little concrete cave explained that the salmon do not look like they are in a hurry because they are not.  Having spent most of their lives in salt water, they must give themselves time to adapt to the foreign fresh water.  They swim in place against the current while their bodies actually undergo a molecular change!  They cannot rush the process but must wait to literally become something new before they can live into another phase of life.

All of this got me thinking that we could learn something from the salmon.  Sometimes in our lives, we want things all at once; we want speed and efficiency to get to the next juncture of life, but we are not ready.  Often times we need to sit in the midst of the transitions between one stage of life and another and just wait - wait to adapt to the new water that surrounds us, wait for our very being to be transformed.  Who we are (or rather who we have been) needs to slowly change to harmonize with the next leg of our journey.

It reminds me of Rilke's admonition in Letters to a Young Poet when he says "Do not seek the answers, which cannot be given to you because you would not be able to live them.  And the point is to live everything.  Live the questions now.  Perhaps you will then, gradually without noticing it live, along some distant day, into the answer."

After all, when we are waiting...we are not doing nothing.  We are doing the most important something there is.  We are allowing our souls to grow up.  If we can't be still and wait, we can't become what God created us to be.

"Breath, smile, and go slowly." - Thich Nhat Hahn

Monday, June 28, 2010

A Growing Family {Seattle Family Photography}

 I had the privilege of photographing this growing family up in Seattle the other day.  And by growing, I mean that I thought that Mom might have gone into labor after our photo session!  But not to new arrivals yet, but a little girl will soon grace this already beautiful family!

Although it was more of a family session, I wanted to capture a beautiful maternity shot for Mom.  After all, she and I were laughing at how very few (like we are talking NONE) pictures we have of our own moms when they were pregnant.  It is enough to make us wonder if we were actually adopted!!  OK...just kidding!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to capture parents playing with their little ones!!

Since the scooter is a family favorite, we HAD to get a picture on it...or in it!!

We headed down to Green Lake Park for a little splish splashin' fun and lots of playing!!  Ty was fearless in the water...I loved how he didn't wipe his eyes but just blinked a couple of times to clear out the splash (1st picture)!!

A little flight lesson from Dad and an airplane became a favorite least for a few minutes!  (And on a side note, doesn't mom look great???)

When I photograph kids, it is important to keep them busy...especially 22 month old, very active and curious little boys!!  We headed on over to the nearby park and I watched in amazement with how determined and strong this little guy is!!

A couple of last fun moments with Mom and Dad completed our journey...I am sure everyone went home and took a little nap!!  (I LOVE Ty's face in this first picture...I guess if you can' t find a swing, Mom and Dad will do just fine!!)

A little peek-a-boo....

....and a summertime radiant smile!!!

Thanks B Family!!  I was fun to photograph you and your growing family!!  You were amazingly flexible with all the ideas and activity!!  Now I hope you get a few days of rest!!  (I'd love to meet that little girl when she arrives!)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Delight in a Little Package {Tacoma Baby Photography}

All I can say is that this little boy (and his family) make my toes curl with delight!!  His mom and dad are ALWAYS up for an we have a lot of fun and get great pictures too!!  No longer are they "clients", but really they have become good friends!

During our adventure, we walked through forest trails, rocky beach, railroad tracks, green grass, and the bathroom at the public pool (see pictures near bottom).  And this little 9 month old moved through it all full of smiles and curiosity...even when he had a puppy in his face and was taste-testing a sand covered stone!!

Ahhhh....the first signs of boyhood....wanting to explore and climb on logs and down dark tunnels!!

Of course, all this adventure makes a little one hungry, so we stopped to have a little snack on the beach.  I just LOVE his enthusiasm for broccoli!!  

More family moments...

One of the things Elliot's mom and dad thought would be fun is to take a picture of him in one of dad's ties each time we get together for a photo session.  We forgot at the 6 month milemarker, but remembered this time.  However, I thought I'd include the newborn picture, just so you can be amazed at how much he has grow in a short 9 months...

Of course, I had to put this one in!!  I am pretty sure that getting him to wear a tie in the future will produce a bit of a battle??

And what can I say??  I couldn't resist a photo opp in the women's restroom at the local pool.  And you know what I love about this family??  Mom and Dad were so happy to oblige...and I am so glad they were.  I think the sign says it all!

There are so many other great pictures I could have posted along with more stories, but that will have to be all for today.  I leave you with first "red thread image".  Since my business grows by red threads of connection, I think it is appropriate to get a picture during each session with a red thread.  It is my way of showing how grateful I am for each person who graces my camera....and the acknowledgment of our connection to each other.

Many, many thanks (once again) to the Backman Family!!  I always enjoy our times together!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Breathe {inspiration for wednesdays}

I love good quotes...and this one hangs on a post-it note on my bulletin board.  I keep it before me as I work because this is how I strive to communicate.  (I also love words and images brought together that challenge our everyday life.  Hmmm...maybe some art pieces???)

May you be a good cup of coffee to those you communicate to...whether those are kids, spouses or colleagues.  May you "stimulate" them to life, love and good deeds!

"Breath, smile, and go slowly." - Thich Nhat Hahn

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Class of 2010 - Cassie {Graham Senior Photography}

Oh...I am so sad to be saying goodbye to the class of 2010! They have been fun, outgoing, humorous, amazing, bold and unique...and I wish them all the best into the future!! Cassie is the last of this class to grace my camera...and boy, what a fun session we had!! Cassie came with her "signature color" (turquiose blue) in every outfit and brought some adventurous and fierce attitude with her too!! I had a BLAST with her!!

I photographed Cassie earlier in the fall for her head shots and it took us until now to get the rest of the session in. However, Cassie totally rocked in front of the camera - from being daring, to laughing, to the famous "smile-with-your-eyes" moves!! (Just kidding...we always laugh about that Tyra Banks phrase on photoshoots. It keeps us from being too serious!!)

We did the photo session in downtown Tacoma where textures are plentiful and there are troves of photo opportunities in every pocket and corner...

...we came across an antique store (or a "nicer looking junk" store) and the lady was more than happy to let us do some pictures there. She even came out so excited about a piece of furniture that she had inside the store, we HAD to follow her in. It was definitely a unique item of home decor and Cassie laid on it like Cleopatra. (see 2nd picture down) I should have had someone feed her grapes!!

We then ventured into another second hand store...or maybe it was more like a labyrinth or maze, right Cassie?? But all I know are these two things:
1. I LOVE this place!!
2. I LOVE the outfit that this girl chose to wear!!! (does it get any better than turquoise blue shoes???)

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this one!!!

Loving life and walking like she owns the street!!

Cassie, as you begin down the road of life, may you always be full of adventure, a little sass, and a lot of love. And no matter what road life takes you down...may you always have really hot shoes to wear!!

HEY!!! A big shout out to the class of 2011...if you are interested in a Fall senior session (which I recommend because the weather in the spring is CRAZY!!) contact me soon. Space is limited and August is starting to fill up!!
Can't wait to meet you!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Class of 2010 - Jessica {Graham Senior Photography}

 Look at this cute girl!!  Jessica will graduate from high school tomorrow, so I figured we should get some of her pictures up to join the celebration!!   I had fun with Jessica - hearing about school, her life, and her friends -plus she was a great willing model who put up with me having her change her shoes a dozen or so times!!  (Thanks, Jessica!)

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this picture!!  (You look amazing Jessica!! look amazing in all your pictures, but there is just something about this one!)

A little sweet...

...a little sassy...

...and a little bundle of fun!
Jessica brought her new puppy with her.  She was so cute and energetic...I could have just played with her all day!!

Watch out for this girl and her truck!!   She may look kicked back and sweet, but I am pretty sure she could run you over!! I had to put this picture in because it gives you some perspective of just how big this truck really is!!  

Congratulations made it through high school!!  May your future be bright and full of fun and adventure!!