Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Breathe {inspiration for wednesdays}

I wrote the following piece a little over two years ago when I happened to have the privilege of being in China to witness (and photograph) the adoption of my niece. And I thought, in light of the previous post - of kids waiting for a home, that I might give a brief picture of those who have already received one....Plus, for me, this was a Red Thread moment like no other....

The ancients have said "What does God require of you? To love mercy and do justice..." These two things have often seemed like opposites to me. On a color spectrum mercy would be red and justice, violet - mercy standing on one side and justice on the other. Some of us are more comfortable dancing with mercy and others of us, befriending justice.

But there is a place where mercy and justice kiss. And I stood there last night!

As orphans were brought into the room and placed in the hands of waiting parents, the conference room where we stood was transformed into a place where the sweet tenderness of compassion met the strength of the "world-made-right". It was holy ground...

...a new creation began names were given

...those who did not belong, now had a home

...those who were discarded were now wanted and needed desparately

...babies smiled and parents cried

...women who had longed to hold a child called "mine" now rejoiced with full arms

...yet unknown doors of opportunity were swung WIDE open

Mercy was the mother's arms and Justice the father's - love and protection in perfect rhythm. I am blessed to have been there. I am honored to have seen such a kiss.

Sweet babies, you no longer live alone in this world. You have been given families. You are no longer one of many, you are one in a million - you are important and you matter.

Courageous parents, your arms are no longer empty, they are full along with your hearts. You have the privilege of being called "mama" and "dada". You give new names and everyone gets new life!

God, may You bless these families beyond measure. May You give them many moments where mercy kisses justice and the world is made right. May You give them great joy and delight in this new family that has been made. May You show them Your tenderness, like a mom, and Your protection, like a dad. May they find the fullness of their Home in You!!

-written in Chongqing, China - April 14th, 2008

Now perhaps we are all not called to go across the world to adopt a child, but we all can choose to create those moments where mercy kisses justice - where we do the right thing in a spirit of love and compassion. It may be in our families, with our neighbor, or in a cause we really believe in, but today - this very day - we can be agents of that kiss. We can bring mercy and justice together in an embrace that begins to bring change to our world.

"Breath, smile, and go slowly." - Thich Nhat Hahn


Anonymous said...

Tara, your piece is absolutely powerful. As a mommy, I know how fulfilling a baby is to the family. I can only imagine the circle closing, the families forming as the children were brought to their new parents.

Stunning writing. I'm in tears.
-Liz Cornelius

Tara Malouf said...

Thanks Liz! It was one of the most powerful moments in my life!!