Friday, June 4, 2010

Class of 2010 - Brittney {Graham Senior Photography}

Getting down to the end...not long until graduation!  We headed into downtown Tacoma to photograph the beautiful Brittney.  Unfortunately, we didn't get to finish her whole session (this weather is killing me!) so you'll get to see some more of her in a week or two!! 

I love Brittney's love for color!!  All of her tops were vibrant and bright!!  We found this tattered, probably-made-in-the-seventies chair on the street and wanted to have a little fun with it.  (I think my mom had curtains made out of that same fabric!!)

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this one!!!
(Plus, I think this location might be a new favorite!!)

Brittney has such a great sweet, classic look AND she has such amazing eyes!!  I like the 2 pictures above because they are so sweet, but the 2 below give us a little drama to showcase those wonderful eyes!!

About this time, the rain started descending upon us....but Brittney was so good to go for a few last shots...

Brittney, I had fun with you!!  You are gorgeous!!  Can't wait for the rest of our session on a non-rainy day!!

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