Sunday, June 20, 2010

Class of 2010 - Cassie {Graham Senior Photography}

Oh...I am so sad to be saying goodbye to the class of 2010! They have been fun, outgoing, humorous, amazing, bold and unique...and I wish them all the best into the future!! Cassie is the last of this class to grace my camera...and boy, what a fun session we had!! Cassie came with her "signature color" (turquiose blue) in every outfit and brought some adventurous and fierce attitude with her too!! I had a BLAST with her!!

I photographed Cassie earlier in the fall for her head shots and it took us until now to get the rest of the session in. However, Cassie totally rocked in front of the camera - from being daring, to laughing, to the famous "smile-with-your-eyes" moves!! (Just kidding...we always laugh about that Tyra Banks phrase on photoshoots. It keeps us from being too serious!!)

We did the photo session in downtown Tacoma where textures are plentiful and there are troves of photo opportunities in every pocket and corner...

...we came across an antique store (or a "nicer looking junk" store) and the lady was more than happy to let us do some pictures there. She even came out so excited about a piece of furniture that she had inside the store, we HAD to follow her in. It was definitely a unique item of home decor and Cassie laid on it like Cleopatra. (see 2nd picture down) I should have had someone feed her grapes!!

We then ventured into another second hand store...or maybe it was more like a labyrinth or maze, right Cassie?? But all I know are these two things:
1. I LOVE this place!!
2. I LOVE the outfit that this girl chose to wear!!! (does it get any better than turquoise blue shoes???)

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this one!!!

Loving life and walking like she owns the street!!

Cassie, as you begin down the road of life, may you always be full of adventure, a little sass, and a lot of love. And no matter what road life takes you down...may you always have really hot shoes to wear!!

HEY!!! A big shout out to the class of 2011...if you are interested in a Fall senior session (which I recommend because the weather in the spring is CRAZY!!) contact me soon. Space is limited and August is starting to fill up!!
Can't wait to meet you!!

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Tash said...

I am so proud of you and you look amazing!!
Love ur sis