Thursday, June 24, 2010

Delight in a Little Package {Tacoma Baby Photography}

All I can say is that this little boy (and his family) make my toes curl with delight!!  His mom and dad are ALWAYS up for an we have a lot of fun and get great pictures too!!  No longer are they "clients", but really they have become good friends!

During our adventure, we walked through forest trails, rocky beach, railroad tracks, green grass, and the bathroom at the public pool (see pictures near bottom).  And this little 9 month old moved through it all full of smiles and curiosity...even when he had a puppy in his face and was taste-testing a sand covered stone!!

Ahhhh....the first signs of boyhood....wanting to explore and climb on logs and down dark tunnels!!

Of course, all this adventure makes a little one hungry, so we stopped to have a little snack on the beach.  I just LOVE his enthusiasm for broccoli!!  

More family moments...

One of the things Elliot's mom and dad thought would be fun is to take a picture of him in one of dad's ties each time we get together for a photo session.  We forgot at the 6 month milemarker, but remembered this time.  However, I thought I'd include the newborn picture, just so you can be amazed at how much he has grow in a short 9 months...

Of course, I had to put this one in!!  I am pretty sure that getting him to wear a tie in the future will produce a bit of a battle??

And what can I say??  I couldn't resist a photo opp in the women's restroom at the local pool.  And you know what I love about this family??  Mom and Dad were so happy to oblige...and I am so glad they were.  I think the sign says it all!

There are so many other great pictures I could have posted along with more stories, but that will have to be all for today.  I leave you with first "red thread image".  Since my business grows by red threads of connection, I think it is appropriate to get a picture during each session with a red thread.  It is my way of showing how grateful I am for each person who graces my camera....and the acknowledgment of our connection to each other.

Many, many thanks (once again) to the Backman Family!!  I always enjoy our times together!!

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Lisa Lombardo said...

What a great set! Just beautiful and so full of fun. I love, love, love the family around the guitar!