Monday, June 14, 2010

Oh Those Baby Blues!! {Graham Baby Photography}

With a sneaky little grin and those amazing eyes, Bennett made my heart just MELT when I saw him the other day!!  You might remember him from here...but I was amazed to see how much this little guy has grown!!  I hung out with him and his parents at their house; once again I must say that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE photographing little ones on their own turf!!  They are so happy to show me their house and all the places they play....

 Now how is this for a family portrait???  
(Actually, isn't this a pretty good picture of what moms and dads really do?  They support their kids from falling, give them assuring touches that they are still there, and hold their kiddos back when necessary!  Now if only our kids understood all that....)

I always like to take pictures of families in places where they really hang out.  Far and above the number one hang out for most families is....Mom and Dad's bedroom.  It is a great place for snuggling and giggling, and as they get older the perfect place for pillow fights!!

I just cannot get over those BLUE eyes!!!

At this point, clothing came off.....

...but for good reason!!!

So fresh!!

Bennett's mom sent me a picture from the "after session".  Evidently we must have tired this little guy out...once they got him dried off and clothes put back on, he fell fast asleep!!

Thanks H Family!!  It was so fun to photograph you again!!  Bennett is just AMAZING!!

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sarah hobbs said...

aww hes so cute!! love the eyes