Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sweet, Sweet Sweetness {Seattle Child and Family Photography}

When a photo session starts off like this, I almost wonder if we should end it right here. Does it get any better than sweet affection between a brother and sister?

So I headed up to photograph the C Family - with the specific focus on this little 1 year old bunch of giggles...Natalie. Of course, her brother Branson was full of smiles and oh so photogenic too! He was also a big help to me to get his sister to laugh!!

It is always an honor when a family invites me into their home and I get to see where they play and wrestle and laugh together!! And there any better place than on Mom and Dad's bed??

Natalie just turned a year old. I can tell by her sparkling eyes and quick laugh that her best gift in this first year of her life is her great parents!!

Sometimes as our kids grow up, we forget the "little things" of their childhood. I usually try to capture some of those "little things" during kiddo sessions. A sweet little headband, the turn of her head, little toes in the sandbox, a little giggle as sand is poured down over her....these are those moments that fill our hearts, but we sometimes forget to capture them with our cameras. But they are part of each child's story that needs to be told over, and over, and over....

Natalie didn't really enjoy the grass...until Dad showed up!!

Alright...with so many photogenic people around, how could we not get the rest of family in pictures??? I love this next picture because this is as "posed" as a little 3 year old boy can be sometimes!! (I can just hear his giggles!!)

Branson had been playing "1-2-3...launch me!!" in Mom and Dad's hands. That made Natalie totally crack up!! Just you wait, little girl, it will be your turn soon!!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these last two images!!! (I don't even think they need any words!)

Thank you C Family!! It was wonderful to meet you, a pleasure to be welcomed into your home and a delight to watch you play together!!!

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