Friday, July 2, 2010

Kiss Me: Alyssa and Jake {Seattle Engagement Photography}

Alyssa and Jake were so fun to photograph!!  You can tell they like each other and she has some of the best facial expressions!  We got rained out the first time we tried to get these engagement pictures done, but we defied the rain this time...and so glad we did!!

I LOVE this sequence!!  Guy notices girl...girl gives her best flirty come-get-me look...guy grabs the girl and pulls her to himself...there is some flirting, then laughing and then....the kiss!!!

We brought out a balloon...a heart...with a red thread...

I think Alyssa is giving Jake all of her love...

...he is giving his love back!!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!!  (Red Threads are everywhere!!)

Love this ring!!

I think they might be in love!!!

Alyssa and Jake, I had a great time with you!!  You are both so amazing!!  I can' t wait for your wedding!!

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