Thursday, July 22, 2010

Marry Me: Tori and Darrin {Cle Elum Wedding Photography}

Well...I just figured out what day it is AND that I missed a Wednesday Breathe post!!  Sorry....we had guests over and we were having too much fun with them!!  But to make up for it, here is a super fun (and LONG - really, I love so many of the can I limit it???) set of pictures from a wedding last weekend.  So grab a cup of coffee and walk with me as guests through Tori and Darrin's big day!

If I had to write a recipe for Tori and Darrin's wedding day it would include these ingredients:
a cup of EASYGOING-NESS (is that a word?)
a huge handful of CARE FOR OTHERS
a whole gallon of FAMILY and  FRIENDS
dashes of DETAILS
all mixed with generous portions of LAUGHTER....

The first thing that struck me about Tori on the morning of the wedding was her easygoing spirit.  She wasn't stressed and was able to enjoy all the people around her.  I came in and she walked me around the room, introducing me to everyone, giving me an update on the happenings of the day....all while being so calm.  This continued the rest of the day with her and Darrin - not being stressed about time, chatting along as we took pictures, and really, really enjoying the unfolding events of the day.

Tori was a beautiful bride!!  That showed not just on the outside, but I could see it from inside of her too!!  It was amazing to see that on her wedding day, she consistently took care of others first!  From bridesmaids to family to guests, Tori and Darrin were always very aware of everyone else.

I LOVE this picture!!  The wind was blowing so hard at the hotel, we had a tough time doing outdoor pictures.  We made sure we had plenty of hairspray but that veil just had a life of its own!!

...a sweet moment between Tori and her dad...

Tori and Darrin decided to see each other before the wedding.  I love it when couples do that because it gives us more time to get pictures of the two of them together, but I also like to create a special few moments just for the two of them as they have their "First Look".  (Although I do warn the couple that it is a little strange to have the "paparazzi" lurking in the bushes or the corner of the room capturing their every move!!)

Remember I said that part of the recipe of Tori and Darrin's day was FAMILY and FRIENDS?  Well, even the location spoke to that.  They got married on a private ranch in Cle Elum that belonged to family friends...and it sounded like those relationships went back a way into the past.  There was a sense of deep connection (can we say a red thread???) in all the parts and pieces of the day!

Tori and Darrin's bridal party was FUN, FUN, FUN!!  A combination of friends and family, they kept me laughing and gave me plenty of photo opps!  I especially love that little flower girl....does she know how to work the camera or what??

This may be my favorite set of pictures from the day!!  My husband came along with me because I knew it would be a long drive home, but he turned out to be not just a driver, but my sherpa, my IT department, AND a second shooter.  I love his perspective juxtaposed to mine.  (His is the top picture....mine is the bottom.)

...a bridal portrait...

...and a portrait of the groom!!  (yes, that is a toilet he is sitting on!!)

Tori and Darrin were very intentional in their details.  There were not too many, but the ones they chose were true to them and really special and unique.  Tori has a thing for these cute guys lined the chairs at the ceremony!!  However....wait until you see the cakes!!

Continuing the details....the reception took place in a tent (where we ate) and lead into an old barn (where we danced).  Inside the barn, Tori and Darrin hung two walls of pictures from their family photo was so cool!!  And then of course...there were the cakes!!

They actually didn't have the cakes out for everyone to see during the dinner, but brought them out, hidden in boxes, and revealed them to the guests.  There was much ohh-ing and ahh-ing and lots of kiddos crowding in to get a look and try to poke a finger at these ducks.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that they did something so special with their cake!!  Plus, it made for great pictures afterward!!

Although there was MUCH laughter throughout the day, the reception was full of smiles, laughs and partying!!  Kids and grandparents got out there on the dance floor, and the groomsmen even sang a special song to Darrin.  It was an amazing party!!

Tori and Darrin, it was an honor to be invited to your wedding!!  I loved every minute of it and feel like I could tell a hundred more stories!!  I know the recipe of your wedding day is a great start to a lifetime of love!!

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I took your advice and grabbed my coffee to settle in for this wonderful story....What a great set!!! Really, Tara...just beautifully done!!