Thursday, July 8, 2010

Of Sunshine and Shadows {playing with our cameras}

So a week or so ago over on the Red Thread Facebook page, I suggested that we all play a little with our cameras using the theme "Of Sunshine and Shadows". Don't know if you have yet or not, but you can mess around with sun flares, shadows or silhouettes...isn't summer a perfect time to do all of that? (And remember, we are playing...not looking for perfection!!)

If you take an image that you'd like to share, you can post it here in this Flickr account. (At least I hope it will work...some times it takes me a while to figure out new technical stuff. If you have problems, please let me know!!) I'd love to post some of your images on the blog...

Here is what came out of my camera these last two days:

Using my 50mm (because it was the only lens I had with me at the time) we stopped by the side of the road near sunset for this shot. I wish I would have gotten the sun directly behind the dandelion, but I was on a very slippery slope that was headed down, down, down into some very prickly bushes...oh well. But I like the image so much it just might claim some wall space in my house when I get home!!

Now I think there is nothing like jumping to get little kids (especially boys) to cooperate with you as you play with your camera. I used my 24-70mm for these next three images. The timing was perfect with the sun just about going down behind the mountain...and I got really low (like laying on the ground) to make it seem like the jumping was super high. I metered for the sky behind this little jumper and had him leap away!!

The following two pictures were taken this evening, but we just missed that lovely flash of sunshine. You can see that you can still get the effect, but it may not be quite as "WOW"!! For both of the following I used my 50 mm (because it was on my camera and I was running out of time) but it limited me on the angles I could get. (If I would have had time, I would have put on my 24-70mm.) Again, I metered for the sky behind my beautiful subject.

Last one below...while not a perfect silhouette, I liked the splash!! (Plus the mountain in the background kept me from being able to do a great sitting silhouette.) Oh well...this is why we are PLAYING and not looking for perfection!!

By the way, if you liked this, you can head over to this site belonging to a friend of mine. I got to be a guest blogger today to share some other tips about playing with our cameras and Getting Down and Dirty!!

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