Monday, July 5, 2010

Take Off, eh?

So my family and I have taken off to the Great White North, eh? I jest, but it is the country of my birth and we get to hang out for a while at my grandparents old "house". (I use that word lightly because the house is under 900 square feet, has a bad septic system and hasn't been updated since the early seventies...seriously!!) However, we are right on the lake and days are filled with water, boat rides, lying on the dock in the sunshine, reading, playing, swinging on the tire swing, eating junk and staying up way too late. I LOVE IT!!

Not sure how much I will be posting over our time here, but I will try to get a Breathe post or two between taking a nap and being chauffeured around the bay in a canoe by my son.

I did think that I'd let you all in on a little of our time up north. Can you guess what this little booger is doing in the water???

A lovely dive into some chilly...err, refreshing...water.

One of my favorite places to be. On the water, in the canoe...especially as the late afternoon sunlight dances on the water.

This may be one of the best parts of the trip....sweet treats!! This is my own private stash (shhhh....don't tell my kids!!). And yes, that radio is sitting on top of the dresser at my grandparents place...told you it has been a while since we've updated the place!

So...hope you all are enjoying your summer!! May it include fun, play and lots of sweet treats for you!! (I do have a book recommendation, by the way, for those of you who like to read....pick up The Help. Excellent book...finished it in two days!!!)

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