Thursday, August 5, 2010

Eyes Bluer than the Ocean {Tacoma Children Photography}

I am always amazed by how much little ones grow between the time I get to see them.  I photographed this little guy as a newborn and all of a he is 6 months later!!  (I'm sure it may not have felt quite that quick for Mom and Dad who had to get up at night and change all the diapers.)

Anyway....I had to start with this picture!!  Oh, I could just kiss that face!!!!  And what about those eyes???

I have a theory that kids come in two different types (no, not boy and girl...although that is true).  Some kids seem to look up and out at the world and see its vast expanse as potential exploration area.  My first born is like that...she was always looking at the "bigness" of things.  Then there are others who look down and around and are intrigued by the smallest, precise details.  My second born is like that; I have more pictures of him with his head down focused on some little thing!

So it is always fun for me to watch what kids will do during our session.  This little guy was fascinated by everything!!!  Leaves, sand, and even the rocks in the concrete caught his attention.  I LOVE to watch kids faces as they explore an item and are trying to make sense of it in their brain!!

First time on a swing!!!  Kellen loved it!!  He laughed as he swung back toward Mom and Dad and his eyes got wide with wonder as he headed toward me.  I love that at the end, he "found" his feet hanging down from the swing!!

Sand seemed to be a hit too!!  If you look closely, you can see he had a little for a snack!!

Getting a little tired....?

His blue dog was with him at his newborn session.  Six months later the dog has entered the process of becoming "real" - which means being hugged....or being eaten!!  (Maybe a little of both??)

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to watch little ones grab their toes!!  (Or maybe I am just jealous!!)

There are those amazing blue eyes one last time!!  Kellen, you are an amazing little guy!!

Thanks S Family!!  It was so fun to be with you guys again!!  It is a privilege to watch your little guy grow up in front of my camera!!

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Doni Brinkman said...

Tara I love this set! Great job.