Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Gang's All Here!! {Puyallup Family Photography}

I had the privilege of hanging out with this AMAZING family last Tuesday and then promptly left for a road trip to California. They have been waiting patiently for a whole week for a sneak peak of some of their pictures....and here they finally are!!

Meet the two who started this whole gang. Sure they look sweet and mild-mannered, but wait until you meet their crew!!

What I love about families is that though we are all connected, each individual family has its own uniqueness at each stage of the journey...

(OK...so I promise that I have one of you all looking, but I LOVE this picture!! This is life with an almost 2 year old and a sweet, pretty, pink princess!!)

(And this is life as a newlywed couple....don't worry, their days of trying to corral kids are coming, I am sure!!)

The whole crazy, amazing bunch!! LOVE the jumping!! They were such good sports!!

Kids, kids, and more kids....watch out!! That little guy is going to run straight off the computer screen into your lap!!

At the last minute I decided to bring a couch along and I am so glad I did. Is this not the best looking family??

And the little ones enjoyed my couch too....

So all I can say is that each person was a total trooper!! It was VERY hot, we walked quite a ways, little ones were sometimes falling apart and sometimes laughing hysterically, and yet through it all, everyone managed to maintain their sense of humor, their smiles and look FABULOUS while doing it!!

OK...so this is my favorite picture of the day!! A TRUE family picture...parents and siblings doing what they always do!!

Thanks S Family!! I had so much FUN with you!! Your kids are beautiful; you grown ups are wonderful and Grandma and Grandpa....way to go for starting this whole thing!! I hope you had the most joyous time all together!!

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